Merry Christmas Everyone

Just a little something I made up for a good laugh, I had a lot of fun doing it. (Also, I know Min isn’t in People’s Guard, but she fits from her christmas event lol.)

T’was the night before christmas, when all through the night,
Kurtz grew in numbers, the power of his might,

Bombs scattered the streets with no real care,
As the fight waged on, the people’s guard were there,

The night club was booming, such a fantastic sight,
With Savage Claus, lurking, a very big fright,

High above, in his rustic sleigh,
Promising to guard his people, all night and day,

Halo at her booth, jamming along,
Singing all the words to her favorite song,

Francoise in the back, with a new concoction,
“This will fetch a good price at the next auction!”

Min working on her simulator, “for two, or three”,
“But all of the rest will surely flee!”,

Mauler, bouncing at the night club door,
Waiting for the next person to leave a bit sore,

Castellan and his turrets, dancing away,
Hopefully they don’t go haywire, one of these days!

Kaishi, the newest member, the martial duelist,
To pick a fight with him, you might just be foolish,

Ronin exclaimed, “Protecting the weak is what we do!”,
“But, of course, the money is always good too!”,

When all of a sudden, outside, a very loud crash,
Everyone rushed to the door in a flash,

Gorgon mechs and Kurtz’ army were on the rise,
Raiding the city, what an unpleasant surprise,

Savage claus with his machine guns, ‘To Kurtz, with love’,
Starts raining down ‘lead presents’ from way up above,

Mauler, throwing all of his tomahawks and axes,
“If Kurtz’ makes it through this season, I’ll start doing his taxes!”

Halo, in a new skin, shocking twice as fast,
Making them wish for the ghost of christmas past,

Francoise, the hero with the swiftest of motions,
Saving all of her allies with a plethra of potions,

Ronin and Kaishi fighting back to back,
All while savage claus stops for a mignight snack,

Castellan is the last to step foot outside,
His turrets deployed, swaying side to side,

When the fight was over, they had really won,
Little did they know, christmas day had just begun…

Much love to the community. It’s been a fun year for me. From my family and friends to yours, Merry christmas!

  • Cap

you sir, have a good talent
Merry christmas to you too

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Hahaha, I had a good laugh reading this.
Youre very good at poetry.
Cheers and Merry Christmas to you as well

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To his friends “Cheers!” Mauler exclaimed followed by chuckles
Halo took selfies and Savage Claus was flexing his muscles

Right back at ya, Cap!

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Too bad, the last minute arrived the revivers,
Nasty Flatline and Ifrit Zombie-maker,
Now they have to slug it again and again,
Thanks for the timer, or else it won’t end

We luvs u cap.


Merry Christmas to all
Hope we all had a great 2018
See u guys at 2019