Community Clash Event! Enter now!

We love our community. Time and time again, you’ve shown us your dedication, your drive, and your passion for our games.

Now, it’s time for you to sound off and become immortalized in one of our upcoming events! Introducing Community Clash, an upcoming Min’s Danger Simulator Event where you’ll get the chance to pit your winning team against the entire Hero Hunters community!

How It Works

  • Ten players will be chosen to become Community Champions! Selection is based on the entrant’s community standing, overall positive influence on the community, and quality of submission.
  • Those ten Champions will have their in-game name featured alongside their chosen team of five Heroes as a Boss Wave encounter in an upcoming Min’s Danger Simulator.
  • Players will be able to face those Boss Wave encounters during the Event, squaring up against an AI-controlled team of your design!
  • If you’re one of our selected Community Champions, you’ll receive an exclusive portrait to show off to the world!

How to Enter

Reply to this post, and include the following:

Name: Include your in-game name, even if it’s the same as your forum name
Team Name: The name of your five-Hero team. Make it something interesting!
Team Composition: Choose five Heroes. You can use duplicates of the same Hero, if you want! All teams are subject to developer approval. We’re looking for creative and interesting encounters!
Team Description: A quick note outlining arguing the case for your team, and explaining any theme or convention you’ve chosen.

Sample Entry:

Name: Muninn
Team Name: Go Go Hideo Rangers!
Team Composition: Hideo, Sapphyr, Odachi, Kunoichi, Ronin
Team Description: All of the game’s ninja, gathered in one place. All damage! Many colors! No healing! No mercy!

But Wait, There’s More!

One of our ten Community Champion teams will be chosen to be the Final Boss Wave of this Event! They’ll need to include a Gorgon in their team composition, so they’ll get a chance to re-do their submission if chosen for this prestigious position. Plus, they’ll earn an additional exclusive portrait!

Entries are due by Friday, June 21st at 12:00PM PT! Limit one entry per user!

Thanks, Hunters, and good luck!


Name: Vintermyst
Team Composition: Castellan, Hivemind, Heimlock, Butter, Savage

Team Description: Ya’ll better watch out, the big boys are coming! (oh dang)
A defense-heavy team, BBB relies heavily upon team synergies, unavoidable damage, and strong shield/healing cycles. On top of it all, these boys are so big they’ll shake any puny team you’ll bring to the table! You can’t break this crew!


Name : sh1n1g4my
Team name : merciless
Team members : matador , butter , nightingale , hardscope , mandrake
About the team : One for all and all for one , We are trying to keep hardscope safe enough to blow enemies head :fire::exploding_head:


Name: Hvicca
Team Name: Last Stand
Team Composition: Castellan, Kobold, Butter, Phalanx, Vanguard

Team Description: All shielding. These guys are the last line of defense.


Name: Yosai
Team Name: Invaders! (Get rid of them!)
Team Composition: Galante, Bolt, Operator, Cross, Heimlock
Team Description: These guys came put of nowhere, and claim they are from another timeline called “Discordia”. Galante seems to be the leader with the only goal of eliminating us. We have to stop them!

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Nombre: Little John
Nombre del equipo: Fiesta del rayo.
Composición del equipo: Ronin, Halo, Coronel, Razorback, Matador

Descripción del equipo: Equipo basado en la coordinación, ataque conjunto. Limpia todo lo que tenga delante, podrás?

Name: Razielo
Team Name: Raz-zle Dazzle Fun Time
Team Composition: Kurtz + Mandrake + Flat + Ronin + Caine (Platinum, 5 bar max, if possible)
Team Description: A team based on one of the most popular PVP metas, which includes Ronin + Flat + Mandrake. However, Kurtz must make an appearance, because these 3 can’t get all the glory anymore! And one of his greatest allies agrees! Kurtz brings the “Hurtz!”

Team elimination is key here. Stall too long and Caine will make sure your defeat is an agonizing loss as he buffs his allies. Be quick with your hits as blitzing Kurtz is the only sure way to take this team down. And don’t forget about Flatline…

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Name: QatarVIX
Team Name: Team Rocket
Team Composition: Galante, Panzer, Halloway, Briar, Bucket
Team Description: All for Galante and Galante for all!


Name: Gruff Mctuff
Team Name: Blitzkrieg Brigade
Heroes: Panzer, Panzer, Panzer, Col Wesson, Oracle

A big bad team that hits hard and hits fast. If you can survive the initial onslaught you just might persevere. This team is sure to cause maximum butt clench.


I love this, but I haven’t been friendly enough to try to get it, terrific idea and good luck to the winners!


I have a few ideas so hopefully multiple entries are allowed!

Name: Papa Marsh

Team Name: Blown Cover
Team Composition: Cinder, Baron, Keel, Yanlong, Matador
Team Description: Take Cover! If you can. These barrier-removal-specialists will ensure that you have nowhere to hide before they strike. Careful not to let Cinder’s buffed damage overwhelm you!

Team Name: One In The Chamber
Team Composition: Artemis, Nightingale, Moss, Oro, Bolt
Team Description: What’s the point of a big magazine if you never miss? One shot is all that’s needed by these single-round sharpshooters.

Team Name: Silent But Deadly
Team Composition: Sapphyr, Mandrake, Fischer, Prophet, Beck
Team Description: Can’t kill what you can’t shoot and can’t shoot what you can’t see. You’d better keep your eyes peeled - not that it’ll do you any good.


Screw it I’ll try.

Name: good old krat

Team name: krat’s pre meta signature team
Team composition: odachi, Mandrake, heimlock, Nightingale caine
Team description: if you can’t aim, and can’t kill the Ninja I’ll destroy you

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Name: Aueio
Team Name: The One and the Four
Team Composition: Galante, Heckler, Clyde, Yeager, Dogface
Team Description: One God to rule them all, two robots, one halfling and the old man to that keeps rebuilding them.


Name: NJ8020
Team Name: Lightning Show
Team Composition: Mauler, Siren, Hivemind, Savage, Halo
Team Description: Team relies on halo’s platinum skill and turns battlefield in lightning show.

Name: NJ8020
Team Name: Energy Unlimited
Team Composition: Phalanx, Butter, Hivemind, Haloway, Flatline
Team Description: All energy heros to dominate them all.

Name: Guru 97
Team name: Lightning Showtime
Team composition : Mauler, Ifrit, Moss, Madrake & Halo
Team Description : Keep them Stunned , Once Ifrit use his Showtime Skill the match is over

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Name: Cockasaurus Rex
Team Name: Yin & Yang
Team Composition: Kunoichi, Clyde, Mandrake, Phalanx, and Sentry
Team Description: A good balance of damage, support, and my favorite, the “you can’t see me” cheese from Drake himself.

Name: Obleoh Butler
Team Name: Shocking Revival
Team Composition: Savage 9*, Halo 9*, Mandrake 10*, Flatline 9* and Mauler 9* (All PLATINUM 4)
About My Team: Savage & Mauler Relies On Halo’s PLATINUM Ability, Mandrake & Flatline Supports Them All. Once Pray and Spray Is Activated Its All Over

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Team Name: : Galante The Best
Team Composition: : Galante, Galante, Galante, Galante, Galante
Team Description: : I think it is a pretty well known fact that Galante has evolved from more than a Meme to being the new super powered Barista that we see today. I challenge anyone and everyone to face off against the strongest team known to mankind. I for one bow down to our new robotic overlords!

Also, I am totally not LordNikon, but I hear he is a super cool dude.




Team Name: Ladies of Hero Hunters

Team Composition: Sapphyr :supervillain:🏻‍♀ Siren :woman_singer:t4: Phalanx :policewoman:t2:, Keel :woman_firefighter:t5:, Halo :elf:‍♀

Team Description: The elite women from across the kingdoms unite to defend and repel the evil Queen MIN :princess:t6: And her army. One chance, One battle, and One place where The fate of Hero’s are decided and Legends are made!!


team name:The Demons
team composition:Hideo,bucket,siren,Caine,phalanx
Team description:all of heaven’s angels won’t save you from The demons shooting at your head.

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