Min/Max solution

I was thinking about solutions to the min/max problem. And I’d like to give a shout out to the abuser with the 10* Bronze Panzer for my idea.

What about implementing a system of gates that limit your hero development? For example a Bronze hero can only support up to 3* of development. In order to unlock Silver, all skills will need to be maxed. Then Silver will only support say up to 5* of development. Moving on to Gold will require fully developed Bronze and Silver skills. The can be further tuned at Bronze1, Silver1, Silver2, etc.

I would further put level caps by color development. You want to stay green? Sure. Enjoy a max level of 10. Bronze? Level 20, etc. This creates an artificial bracket system that severly limits the range a min/maxer can exploit.

Also, hero’s that start at 3*, 5* and 7* essentially still have those additional stars of development, but they are just locked out until the level and skill development catches up to their star rating. I would still allow people to add frags to any unlocked heroes, but again, the upper levels of those abilities would still need to be unlocked.

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This idea is great, love it.

I had made the following suggestion on another thread.

1, if the highest hero is a 8* than the lowest stars in the rest of the team is 6* (minimum 2 star difference)

2, if the too hero is plat then the other heroes would have to be at least gold2.

By having the above 2 requisites, it will limit how the system can be abused I,e no more 10* with rest at 5*

And not able to run one plat and rest silvers

That way, the said party would have to ensure that his team is balanced up and no way to go noob hunting.

As good as this idea would be, you can´t introduce this anymore. I have a Gold 4* Panzer. Would she be reduced to Silver?

Good idea, but you can´t inpement it anymore.


Yes it can be implemented. The upper tiers of your ability would just be locked out until you met the leveling parameters. You wouldn’t lose anything.

The fact of the matter is, some people may be inconvenienced to fix a broken system. I’d rather a few people were inconvenienced along with the min maxers, but fix the pvp system than continue along the current path.

So in short, it can be implemented. I had Halo at Platinum before she was nerfed. Guess what? That nerf was inconvenient. It also took a lot longer for me to get her to platinum than it took you to get Panzer to gold. If a change is coming do you honestly think anybody cares if it inconveniences you, me or anyone else? I’m will to take the hit to fix things you should be, too.

They should also limit team composition to only be within two tiers. green/bronze, bronze/silver, silver/gold, gold/plat. i.e. you can’t use bronze if your highest hero tier is gold, you are only allowed to mix and match silver and gold. If you violate this rule, PLAY button will be locked until you change composition.

Which was what I mentioned in my post above

Well most of the time to make someone understand what you are trying say you got to 1) Tell that person what you are going to tell them 2) Actually tell that person 3) Tell them what you just told them.

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