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Developers, public eye, casual players, and weekend warriors alike…I really do not understand why the devs keep blowing smoke when it comes to fixing this problem that is power exploitation.

They’ve been telling us for months that this power exploit/sandbagging/min-maxing problem is a huge priority for them…but that’s kinda funny because it looks to me like they are still just worried about how much money they can take in with the new hero, and all of these lovely “great deal bundles”.

If fixing this issue was such a priority, wouldn’t we get it done? Or even an update as to their progression on the matter. (Though this would probably be more of a false hope scenario) I am in no way trying to bash the devs. This is literally the only game I play, and I have both consoles, and all major release games. I just want this game to succeed.

And for the next group of people saying how people only complain on this forum instead of providing useful ideas or solutions to the problems they “whine” about…there are a few fixes I’ve thought about. None of th me are a guaranteed fix, but it would definitely help out some.

Option 1: make us pre-register a roster of heroes of say 15 heroes. This would eliminate some people from min maxing. They would have to choose to participate in the tourney legitimately, or not play.

Option 2: make it to where if you have a platinum hero in your lineup, you aren’t allowed to start a search if you have a silver hero.

Option 3: take away skill levels. Yes this would drop everyone’s overall power in pvp, but it would also level the playering field.

But seriously, this time around I’m being civilized, there’s no name calling whatsoever, and no hate being thrown. So if you decide to try to come in here throwing gas on the fire, troll, or just be a plain jerk, I’ll flag, and log into another account and continue to flag. I want this to be brought to the developers attention.( I know it already has) but I want them to know how BIG of a problem this is.


Majik 2.0 :kissing_heart:


Good job dude! I’m truly impressed! You stated the issue, provided many good solutions, and conducted yourself really well!


well written i have to say.

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Just to first say I don’t blame anyone if they min/max today as this is just being tactically smart to use the boundaries of the game and optimize their gameplay, if the boundaries were more limited then this would not be an issue:

  • Option 1: I didn’t fully understand it, can you explain a bit more
  • Option 2: Partly agree… I would make the difference from Plat to Bronze not allowed… I Have a wide set of Silvers I would like to use which I seldom use… and if all the heroes with any notable damage is platinum of the heroes you have left with lives then I have 25-35 Heroes never to be used other than for Patrols
  • Option 3: I Fully agree
  • New Option 4: Not allowed to have heroes in lineup with 5 stars difference (Can have 10 star and 5 star in lineup)
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Option one means like a few hours before, or like 24 hours before there is a registration period where you lock in the heroes you want to use, and the ones that aren’t locked in to play, you can’t use. We all know there’s only like 20 viable heroes for pvp anyways.

Ok, then I disagree to option 1. Just because I feel as principle we should be able to play all the heroes we have earned and build up. The other options I feel brings the PvP matchmaking and game to a better place though.

Im talking about for tournaments. Not like brawls or elemental events. Just solely for the 3 day tournaments. Gold can be bought, but frags are the most valuable thing in this game. So I think they should be revered as such. If we want them, we should have to fight to win them. Just my $.02

Agree to disagree on that point, but that is no problem :rofl:

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Agree to disagree
(Extra sentence cuz “RuLeZ”)

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In another thread, someone brought up that skills shouldn’t increase power level at all. I think that would help the issue. I also think rather than limit the stars or ranks you can play with, they should just base it off of power. So for example you can’t have any characters more than 6k points apart (or some number they decide on). That means in the case with Jeff, Jeff could us his 10*, +2 plat Panzer, but only with his Ifrit. Francois, Operator, and Heimlock would be unusable.

The problem with simply making a hard and fast rule that 10* can’t play with anyone below 8* is how the game is set up. I got Dogface to 10* well before anyone else because he was easy to level up with Gauntlet. I still use him along with a couple 7* on my main team. Not because I am min/maxing, but because I don’t have any way to quickly level up those 7* heroes. If I couldn’t use anyone with more than a 2* difference my main team would be 10* Dog, 9* Matador, 9* Gammond, 9* Mandrake, and either 8* Maven, Heimlock, or Fortress. Trying playing with that team and tell me how much fun PVP is? It poses a serious problem when you start putting in limitations, especially for F2P players or players who don’t level up heroes quickly. There are only a handful of good PVP heroes readily available.

Really though, I think the issue is more deeply rooted than just the min/maxing. It’s especially bad lately because of how powerful Panzer is. She has great health and burst and can eliminate half a team or 7* golds in 20 seconds. Try doing the same with a 10* plat Matador as the only high level hero on your team, or Maven, or Flatline. It simply does not work.

I would disagree on the power spread. The larger the spread the larger the penalty. Cuz in Malik’s illustration Jeff’s 10* powers tru.

Additionally, like my other post, I ran a balanced team and got match up with team that is 7k more … frankly the matching system is not happening the way it should b

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So solutions presented end up limiting the player when making a match. I believe it might feel too restricted when making a team. Say you have a sick combo with halo and hivemind you want to play, but halo is 4 stars and hivemind is 8. I don’t want to be blocked from making this combo because I cant farm halo frags to get them closer. In a game where every hero is not farmable, blocking playability by star rating isn’t feasible.

So I submit for the midnight society this…don’t just consider total team power, but also the top 1 or two team members. If the top team member is more then 500(or some better calculation) power then you, the match up doesn’t happen. No more plat with 2 bars and a bunch of silvers against your 3 bar gold team. If the top 2 characters on the other team cant kill your top one, that much up shouldn’t have happened.

There is some nuance to these decisions that we don’t see. If there is already a low pool of PVP players with similar power levels, then adding more restrictions can cause queuing times while waiting for matches. They need large pools of players for any added restrictions to work.

I’m still in favor of a draft PVP where 2 heros get banned. This serves to offset the meta and discourage boosting the new broken character. New OP character released? Too bad it will get banned every match!

Or…Maybe you enter the match by selecting 8 heros, the enemy picks one you cant use and you pick one he cant use. Matches are set up by compairing the 8 heros power. This would add a bit of strategy to the mix.

Either way. I get that this is supposed to be a quick game, but the pick 5 and hit go and get randomly thrown in a match has to die. It doesn’t mesh well with the growth patterns of characters and favors bad faith actors too much.

What you mentioned on the 4* halo and 8* hive is basically a min/max play. By limiting to spread of stars, grade(gold/plat) and skill power will than force the player to upgrade those heroes he wants to use in PVP.

By forcing this player to upgrade than it will mean the player will than play in his correct bracket. Instead of suppressing their power Low to fight in a lower bracket where they are guaranteed a win. In the case of the illustration shown by Malik. To add on the matching is frak and the min/'max are not penalised enough.

With my suggestions, people can min/max all they want. It’s not bad to do, just ducks when you get paired with one when your not. The key is to not limit gameplay. If I have a 8 star hivemind then you are telling me I can never pair him with 80% of my other heros. That is too restricting and will turn people off to PVP as well unless they can downgrade characters for matches. If you have a good combo, then you should be able to use it.

But pairing off matches by top heros power combined with total power will only ever pair smurfers with smurfers and balanced teams with balanced teams. As everyone would get a kick out of banning the other teams plat 2 bar Panzer from the match. I feel both these options keep freedom while not allowing you to accidentally promote one of your heroes to the point where it is unplayable in PVP or having to pair a new character with oddball weak characters with level 5 skills because it’s not strong enough to play with your Mains, and probably wont for 6 months unless you pay a ton of money or have a heronium farm.

A 3rd option; You could also incorporate a "Weakest link Protocol " where every other character gets downgraded to the highest bar of the lowest ranked member. So if you had a silver no bar, then all gold and plates become silver 3 bars. All stars would be reduced to +1 stars of the weakest link. So a team of 8*,7*,6*,5*,5* becomes 6*, 6*, 6*, 5*, 5*.

You would get a notification after selecting your team showing their cards, then a message that says something like " due to your teams power disparity, your team has been downgraded, would you like to continue?" Then show the new cards with adjusted ranks and stars.

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Yes, what miclowgunman is saying is a very real problem.

As the game stand, there are 60 heroes. Of those, only 3 are farmable in Gauntlet. 10 more are available in the PVP store. 20 more are in hard mode, which only gives a max of 9 fragments a day unless you reset (and 4 are duplicates from PVP). That means there only 29 heroes that are farmable at any given time. The other 31 are only available through special events, raids for a certain period of time, random crates, special offers, etc.

So with this in mind, you can get a max of 15-20 hero frags a day for each Gauntlet character (unless you reset, then double that to 30-40). For PVP you can get anywhere from 9-30 depending on how many resets you do. From hard mode you can get 9 unless you reset (not worth the gold though). Some PVP hero frags can be gotten in hard mode, such as Mandrake or Fortress, which increases their total to 12-39.

As you can see, this is quite a large spread of fragments you are getting for each hero. You might be getting 30 a day for a Gauntlet hero while only getting a third that from hard campaign for another hero. Then you also have heroes with no reliable way to get fragments for other than using universal frags. This makes leveling all your heroes up at the same pace next to impossible.

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@miclowgunman now I kind of like your suggestion there with just putting everyone at your weakest addition. I am all for it if it is just applied to tournament pvp matches, leave free play alone. I’m fairly sure it would help min maxing out quite a bit. However, I would say make them full equal (bars and stars resemble fully the weakest, so in your example all of them are silver no bar 5,5,5,5,5) to allow other heroes to come into play. There still will be min maxing if you allow the overpowered 3 additional bars of stats. Even worse, if you put 4 plats with a gold.

In short: this +1 but add an even higher sliver of equality to stars and bars. All resemble the weakest to avoid that nonsense.

I vote for option 3. Seems the most legitimate, maybe even have it so every hero that goes in is automatically brought to like 30 or so skill points. Make it so we can upgrade them for anything else but maybe in pvp there is an automatic set number for all skills just so that way they aren’t all at 0 and they can still add value to each hero, but only an allotted amount of value. that will at least adjust the overall power level for each team and maybe put more fair teams against each other. And maybe even making some new brackets?

Banning them is a bit to much, especially cause it’s allowed, it should be fixed with punishment during a battle against a bit with 10* plat 5 hero’s, or that you can’t start a match at all.

Making screenshots and sending them over and over isn’t going to make anyone happy, and banning them for a flaw in programming isn’t fair, it should be fixed, not the other way around


End of day is to force the min/max to upgrade.

The following are my suggestions that I had posted before.

1, highest hero is 10* than the lowest must b 8*
2, highest hero is plat than the lowest must be gold2
3, the highest hero power is 10k and the lowest must be 8k
( Failing to meet the above 3 conditions the PVP button will not be able to be activated )
4, experience will be earned in PVP matches (as suggested by a member)
5, if the player level is 70 and uses much lower hero in PVP, the said player will also be penalised. ( credit to Kraterios)

The above suggestions will tha force the sandbaggers to start upgrading their heroes, otherwise they will not be able to run their desired lineup.

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