Min maxers

Min maxers should be penalized more significantly. They are ruining pvp for everyone with balanced teams!

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What are min maxers?

Yaada yaada yaada. Haven’t heard this one a million times before. The devs are well aware of this issue, and are working hard to fix it. There’s no need to start another post for it.

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@Gambit. they actually are not working on ot from what Omni last said in VIP chat.

Omni stated that playing low leveled teams is a perfectly acceptable and strategic way to play. i even have a SS of him saying it.

So based on his acknowledgement and approv of minimaxing. i dont see it changing anytime soon.

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That would definitely be news to me if they weren’t working on it.

Sorry for creating yet another thread. I just want to be heard. I’m tired of playing with a balanced 8 star team. Getting matched with a 10 star plat +5 dog or ronin with some gold n silver heroes thrown in to lower their loadout power. They should be getting matched vs teams 10k stronger.

this is omnis reply to minimaxing and using none bonus heroes during events

That’s not Omni explicitly saying “playing with underleveled Heroes is a legitimate thing and we are not working on min-maxing.” Please don’t misrepresent the developers.


He was only responding to the use of non bonus heroes during events. Sure you can misinterpretate it if you really want to, but it is clear to me and everyone who looks at it in a neutral way.

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no he was not. like i said, next time ill SS the question as well. thunder asked what was being done about minimaxing and if they could implement something with people using no bonus heroes during events. HENCE THE COMMA, adressing both questions that thunder had asked.

You are repeating yourself.

He did not answer both qustions and it is celae if you look at it unpredjudiced. The second part of the sentence is clearly linked to the first.

take your min / max

those SS arent nothing.


Check this out

lol tsantua youre only posting a better min/max team. few of the many screenshots you had were “balanced teams”

@tsantua where you dissapeared to team wise lol

No duplicate threads, please.