Do minmaxing, It's GREAT

first of all, let me tell you how I came to this conclusion.

I was facing min/maxers for a long time, and I was almost ok with it.
But last night, it was terrible, I don’t know how to describe it, I couldn’t get to division one with my balanced team’s :joy::joy:. every event before this I was getting enough points to be in top 500 with Balanced team’s, it was good, you know facing min/maxers once every 4/5 matches it’s Ok.

last night I literally faced every kind of minmaxing and honestly when I take a look at their profile, hero’s star’s, levels, hero skill levels, I realized how smart they are, Well done, Bravo :ok_hand::clap:

When I start to play PvP tournament, I set up a support team around Jarek (5*) and Hideo (6*), I looked at it and I said hmmmm, Mandrake will do great in this team, Ohh crap, my Mandrake is 9*, I can’t use him here, It’s not fair.
Then I realized what it’s more unfair and that is you try to play with balanced team’s, then you get destroyed by unbalanced team(s).

Basically you want to play the game as it meant to be played, well it’s not working anymore.

I paired my Mauler (10* plat) with Jarek (5*plat) along with 3 gold low skill level supporters, I jumped from unranked to top 500 in less than 10 minutes, quick kill, Perfect.
then I just stopped playing PvP.

That’s why Im suggesting you to do minmaxing.
it is so unfortunate. But believe me, playing the game as it meant to be played, it will not help you.

If that’s true, then it’s not an issue with min-maxing, that’s a player skill issue.

Or maybe just get some skill and/or a decent team? 🤷

From what you have shown in other threads, your team is not a good build. About no synergy and no balance in it.

A team min maxed as hard as yours is easy prey for every decent player, since you only have to focus on the maxed hero. After he is done, your team is done too. You may lose one or two heroes, but you get the overall victory in 8 of 10 matches.

It is minmaxing and terrible matchmaking problem when you face 6 minmaxers in a row and lose your A and B team.

Ohh OK.

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Well sitting around and whining won’t help much. PvP is a tricky thing to master as a developer, and participating proudly in the problem CERTAINLY wont do anything remotely beneficial to help solving it. Just let the devs do their thing.

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Use words to tell us what this screens should show…

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Agreed, that’s why I stopped playing PvP

the game and matchmaking encourage you to do minmaxing, this is the problem. I use to don’t like minmaxers, now I have nothing against them, the game letting you to do it and It’s quick kill, good points, why they shouldn’t get advantage of game flaw’s and get good prize’s. I know it because I used min/maxing last night, its the perfect way to do PvP. afterall; don’t hate the player, hate the game.

I couldn’t agree any more, but we have to get rid of bunch of yes mans that they believe every one else is liar or bad players.

Ohh, now watch this:

Perfect. :joy:

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I starting to believe you are Blind.

That post WAS spam. It contributed nothing, which is the exact definition of spam.

People aren’t flagging your posts because they disagree with you, they flag them because they’re useless, mindless complaining.

if you want your opinion to be respected, then present it in a way that’s productive and encourages discussion. Being unwilling to listen to anyone else isn’t helping anything; nor is posting screenshots with zero explanation. Complaining just for the sake of complaining is a waste of everyone’s time.

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so why anyone else screenshots haven’t flagged

hmmm, lets see

also your comment is off-topic, YES MAN

Because they actually gave an explanation about what they were talking about; they actually contributed to the conversation.

So anyone that disagrees with you in any way, you dismiss as a “yes man” :joy:.

Alright I’m done here lol.

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not anyone, but you are

Ohh my :joy:, this is exactly you but with this difference

So anyone that disagrees with you in any way, you dismiss as a Liar, Bad Player

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Shutting this down. Warnings to all: re-read the FAQ/Guidelines. There will be a quiz.