Moss Legendary Skin idea

Moss- Plague Docter
Moss gets classic black cloak and white Plague Docter mask. He has a belt with various vials and potions hanging off of them. Some of his accessories (buttons, belts, mask eyeholes, and tophat stripe) are green to leave hints of what he was.

Aromatic Spray (Replaces Transfusion)
Give your team medium healing per second over 10 seconds. Any unused healing is kept as temporary bonus health. Any overhealing from other abilities during these 10 seconds are converted to extra health as well. All Bonus Health lasts for 15 seconds.

Example: Moss uses Aromatic Spray and Matador heals the whole team for 270k. Since, Aromatic Spray is in effect, any heros at full health gain Extra health.

Edit Reasons: Just rephrasing. I feel like I just made it worse though.

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I am somewhat confused, but the descriptions of the legendary skin is great tho I can’t pinpoint what the new ability does.

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It heals less than the original amount, but charges faster and makes all other healing abilities overheal as well. How its used changes depending on the skill it would replace. If its bronze then its a team heal. If it replaces his silver then it is an aoe heal cloud.

I am not sure I understand it correctly untill I read your last response but you seem to be running with idea of improving is overheals and give overheals from outside as well - that’s impressive and do-able. His 10% charage rate is good and bad since if I remember - he is suicidal, a bit.

Overall, liked the skin concept but if you can rephrase it - it would be clearer for all of us.

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