The hero Moss is broken

Okay so about moss’ silver skill, when you play autoplay and you click on the skill it will throw the healing randomly, you HAVE to aim it right on the target and there is problem with aiming on target as well, if you don’t aim perfect it will fly to another hero, even sometimes his bronze skills feels like it takes some time for AI to use the skill anyone had same problems?

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Have the same problem with his bronze skill
I already sent many tickets about it with videos thtbutat the ai dont use it or use it when a hero just dieid but they dont do anything about it
I think the ai dont use the skills all the time and I think they dont going to fix it
There are some other heros as well that dont heal until a hero is death
Its not all the time but just some matches

def true, some matches he does his job just fine

The AI will only use a heal when at least one other hero is at least around 60% dead. Sometimes, the idiot AI just doesn’t heal at all. In that case, just switch to the healer, press the skill, and switch back to whoever you are using. As of his silver skill, it heals massively if you throw it right. You don’t have to zoom in, just put the reticle on the friendly you want to throw it on. I haven’t really had a problem with him, in fact he is my favorite healer.

Are you trying to aim a skill in autoplay? Because that won’t work. That’s what makes it auto play; the AI handles nearly everything. The only things you can control are who your hero targets and a manual override to use a skill. You can’t control who the skill targets if it’s a skill that affects your own heroes.

nope not in auto, when you use it manually it will simply fail if you dont aim 100% on him sometimes it will throw the healing to the hero below the hero or beside the hero you can still use healing when you are on auto but that is like using nightgale healing or other healing that doesnt need aim that actually works

I’ve never had that problem before. I’m not sure what to tell you. If I ever miss my targeted hero, it goes automatically to where another hero is standing

Anyway is fine. Heal another than heal none. Tho I think better use his bronze more often. Seriously tho, I save my sliver to heal moss himself

I do as well, but you need another rear line that is near to moss in order to get the heal properly