My highest clear so far!

Anyone cleared higher? Just curious!




pity after 50 no more prizes is just for testing even …

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I m still working on 140… the shrunk is hard to aim, lol


Yeah, Shrunk is pretty cool!

I hit the 5 Galante lv120 with fully loaded Kunochi with 4 bio chem hero. The shield of Galante is tricky to handle with such limited time.

Great job, guys! Glad people are pushing themselves.

I might have everyone beat so far (psst, Mending is seriously OP):


Awesome!! This is a really, really high clear

Wave 75. I didn’t bother clearing anymore knowing the SMOL MODIFIER exists and makes the quintuple Panzer waves complete heck.

If you did it all on AUTO to 200+ I am very very impressed. I got to 101 after which my auto guys died and I didn’t bother trying on manual to win virtual popularity points from a virtual forum of a virtual game I am deriving somewhat real satisfaction from.

Have u consider we r all virtual too , sss? (Smile, Just kidding. :smile:)

I don’t understand why you needed to directly or indirectly swipe at what other players want to do for fun by referring to it as “to win virtual popularity points from a virtual forum of a virtual game”.

That was self-deprecation. If you feel that it applies to you then I’m afraid it’s your own insecurities showing. :joy: