14-10 hard

I manged to pass 14-10 hard with this team: astrix(9star), mandrak10star), flat(10star), hemi(10star), kurtez(9star) but with 1 star

Congrats friend, but i don’t think this opens any discussion? You could tell people in vip or global but i really don’t think this post fits here

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What you could do instead is post this under someone elses post if they asked for help on this mission, there people could use it if they search for it

First of all, thanks for your concern, it is my 1st post at all , I was trying to help people how did not pass it


Buddy, instead of Welcoming @Sherif70 into our Community , why are you so harsh on him.
Let the developers do thier Job , they get paid to do their Job or are they asking you to moderate on the Forums on their behalf …


I am simply just redirecting ‘them’ to a place where their post belongs better, why don’t you stop wasting your time on me, i’m not worth your time lol

I have noticed , you have been Toxic on the Forums for sometime now .

I noticed it when -
Picture 1 -

If you can recall, I have always been supportive to the Community and to you as well , when you wanted to start a YouTube Channel.

Picture 2 -

I can surely share some more screenshots where you tried to disrespect the others players but I won’t as I have limited time .


I think you are misunderstanding the cause for this post, it is likely linked to this post:

It is always best to welcome new people into the community where possible, especially first time posters so @Sherif70 I apologise on behalf of the community, if you ever feel like helping people join the community discord and take part in conversations with other players and the developers!


Thanks @Gale for clearing the misunderstanding.

My earlier post which got flagged , I spoke 100% Truth, no lie , I spoke for the betterment of Hero Hunters Community. I dare anyone who has problem with that comment , to reply to it and prove that it is incorrect . I have numerous Screenshot that would prove my point again and again…

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Please re-read the forum rules. There are a few points you should brush up on before posting again, Eklavya.

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Your definition of toxic doesn’t sound the same in my ears, for you i will try to be more clear next time. Also thanks for calling me out on a public post where this has nothing to do with the topic

That is great to hear friend, glad we have another helping out the community, we are always here to guide you

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