My multiplayer modes are broken

Since my migration to iPhone every time I attempt to play a multiplayer game mode my screen get darkened, it is not black but obscure, I can only control one character use skills but I can’t see

Help me please ! I’m a very competitive player and I’m losing pvp days :weary:
And I’ve already submitted a ticket

Seems like the textures aren’t loading properly, I would suggest uninstalling the game and restarting your phone to clear all data from ram. Then reinstall the game and see if that helps :slight_smile:

Ils ont supprimé mon com bac lol ils est jugé inappropriée lol

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Pareil pour moi Faby! Lol ils ne doivent pas aimer notre humour.

Did it 3 times. Finally i changed my phone for another. I hope it won’t do the same.

I hope for you, it’s galley bug like that

Same thing with the new phone, IPhone 8+ (From iPhone 8). I think I’m either done with HH or IPhone

Seems really strange, have you tried contacting support?

I have iPhone 8s+ no issues

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