Need an alliance for Ben 10

Hello. I’m ben 10 I’m sure you guys know me already

Cause I’m famous for leaving alliance :rofl::joy::rofl::joy: oh yes that is true

I’m not saying that to trust me
But i don’t leave alliance if that is stable

Cause I’m very active and hardworking guy and i don’t want to waste my time

If anyone interested in me here is my achievements

350k+ patrols every weak
3b+ bounty for now
And for war I’m not so good
But i can capture some gray tiles like 3
And yes I’m very active
I’m so good at alliance blitz event

But but sorry i will never say to trust me
Cause i Don’t want break anyone 's trust

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Yes. Someone give our dear Ben 10 place in a good alliance.

Thankyou but where are other peoples

just make your own if you have a hard time staying in alliances and you keep jumping around.

If i make my own alliance then who will be. Xo or co cause I’ll leave

Just make the alliance and leave it open. You will be surprised how quickly your alliance will grow.