Need info about claiming rewards

If we don’t claim rewards that are stored in inbox, for how long they’ll be there or will they get expired? Thanks

They will expire claim them before they do or will be lost forever


Sorry I didn’t get your answer. Can you elaborate the duration of expiration? Like in 15 days they’ll expire?

It’s random plenty of times Sometimes 30 days sometimes 5

The kind of rewards sent out by HHG usually only last a few days. Patrol rewards last longer, not sure for how much though. I usually try not to leave them for longer than a week or so, but would also like to know what the expiry timer is set to. Only the devs can tell for sure.

Experiment with it yourself. Patrol rewards last a week. Event rewards go any time. As short as a few days with zero warning. Don’t bother complaining when they do disappear. They’re not remorseful about that fact and won’t recompensate you…

I am pretty sure event rewards go after a few days, they disappear from the ‘Ended’ tab after that time so I would presume that is when rewards are lost for good, anything that goes into your inbox generally lasts for the 30 days I believe. It has an expiry timer on inbox messages usually I think.

wrong, inbox rewards are only a few days. (it is best to always pick them up the same) PVP Tournament Rewards and Mission Rewards are available for 30 days


Inbox rewards usually say they last for 30 days or so, but there have been complaints saying they disappeared after only a few days.

Thanks for the clarification I could have sworn it was 30 days haha

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