Stamina and gold

Hey devs… I m happy when I see your msgs on my inbox about gift of 200 stamina and 200 gold.
I wanna save my stamina for upgrading the kaishi when it will. Unlocked. But when I look today the gift msg r gone… My 200 stamina nd 200 gold r disappeared… There is no mention of expiring on that msg
… Can u please explain why its disappeared…??


You may want to reach out to Support instead. Tap on your profile, then click “Support”, then click “Contact Us” to find it.

Same here but I sent a ticket at the support and they just told me that’s I should have accepted it sooner…

Lost my gift too and sent a support ticket about it, but probably to no avail. I usually save stamina I get from patrols etc. for when I really need it. And since the gift didn’t come with an expiry date as far as I could see, it would seem fine to save it. But I guess they can just take anything back without any further notice. Really frustrating!

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Same thing happened to me as well. I contacted support and their reply was usual. “All the rewards should be claimed immediately. We are sorry it happened with you but we can’t do anything about this.”

I don’t understand if there is no expiry why would it disappear and if it is supposed to be claimed immediately why make us click claim button and why not just send an informational email that your account has been credited with gold and stamina.