New Hero Concept: Bones - Prehistoric Brawler

New Hero Concept: Bones - Prehistoric Brawler (3 Star Hero)

Element: Mechanical
Faction: Rangers
Position: Midline

HP: 3/5
Armor: 2/5
Damage: 3/5
Skills: 4/5

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His Weapon: The Slayer

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Shooting Rate: 7.25 (shoots in bursts)
Ammunition Capacity: 9 (each burst shoots 3 ammo)
Recharge Time: 1.75 seconds
Damage: Medium


Some were born to lead, others to follow. I . . . was born to fight. As a victim of project KLG Omega, I will not rest until Kurtz is defeated, and until I . . . can return home.


Bronze Ability:


  • Throws a bone at a random enemy, dealing x damage, (low) and rooting them 10 seconds.

Silver Ability:

Ground Breaker

  • Bones leaps forward onto a targeted opponent dealing x damage, (high) rooting them for 5 seconds, while in effect dealing x damage (medium) to himself.

Gold Ability:

Primal Instincts

  • Bones recovers health equal to 50% of all damage dealt to any rooted enemies, and 75% of all damage dealt to any rooted allied heroes.

Platinum Ability:

Final Wishes

  • When this hero dies, all allied heros gain x health, and x shield for 15 seconds, or until depleted.
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This is his quote for his Platinum skill:

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I like it! It sounds just like I imagined him be.

I like this a lot! I would like to see this character in the game…

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