EVERY hero on how their abilities work from A to L

Okay so this is a very long list probably, here I took the time to explain every single hero that is currently in the game, aaaand on alphabetical order, for people who hate reading, pretend like Arnold zwarchnegger reads this for you, if you like this or have any questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile: also, this actually took me about 8 to 9 hours of constant writing and thinking, and you can see that as the list progresses I kind of get a bit more boring, so enjoy and I hope you learn something new :slight_smile:


Alcatraz- his bronze makes him deal a medium amount of damage and root and disable the charging of skills for 8 seconds, his silver makes him strike an enemy and has a 50% to apply a maximum of 3 negative effects which include an 8 second silence, heal block, or damage per second that deals a small amount of damage per second, if he didn’t apply any effects they gain a medium amount of damage, his gold makes his bronze or silver have a 50% chance to copy all negative debuffs and give it to a random ally and deals a small amount of damage, his platinum allows him to deal a big extra amount of damage to rooted enemies

Alvarez - Alvarez is all about stopping your enemy from what they’re doing, having his first ability to make the opponent useless for a big 8 seconds at least, second ability to stun every enemy and get a moment of rest, and then the rest of his abilities help him gain small advantages like healing and decreasing cooldowns

Artemis- artemis is a direct damage dealer, her weapon deals insane amounts of damage while her bronze gets her to hit multiple targets, and her silver marks the enemy and gives a damage buff, while that’s not enough her gold makes her bow even a bit stronger by laying debuffs on your enemies, her platinum makes up for her small health pool with a small health boost and invisibility

Anvil- anvil is mostly about making the enemy weaker by dealing massive bonus damage to shields, his silver makes him shoot an high damage blast that probably oneshots every shield, and his platinum makes his weapon insanely strong to shields, and his gold makes up for his small hp as every time he damages a shield he transfers that damage to a shield for himself

Astrix- astrix is all about her boomerang, her boomerang deals a huge amount of damage on impact, and with the gold and platinum make it able to bounce to multiple enemies and deal insane damage over time, while her silver shoots a bullet that deals insane amounts of damage


Bucket- bucket is a tank and support, her bronze makes her taunt and absorb the damage and punish them back, while her silver makes every useless for 3 long seconds, then EVERYONE gains a strong shields and starts regening large amounts of hp as long as they are up, her gold makes her stronger while taunting and her plat makes her regain hp while using abilities

Briar- briar is all about waiting for the right moment, while her silver roots and deals damage to every enemy on the field, her gold makes her gun apply negative effects, once you have enough of these negative effects when you use her bronze it heals a tremendous amount making you able to heal your team back to full in a matter of seconds, also her plat makes her gain hp when she hits enemies

Brogan- brogan helps his team with insane buffs, while varying it from his bronze making his gun stronger, to his silver that cleanses all negative effects and give every positive one to every teammate, making him viable of doing crazy combos and getting big heals

Baron- baron his abilities make him able to instantly destroy cover, and besides that make him incredibly annoying to the enemy with his stuns and staggers. And punishes enemies for standing out of cover, also his gold makes him very good for rescuing a teammate with an insane taunt and health boost for himself

Bolt- bolt is pretty similar to artemis, having a crossbow that deals huge amounts of damage, but he shines when it comes to damage over time, applying his silver makes him deal extra dps every times he hits an enemy and his bronze applies to which are 5 bolts, together with that his other abilities make him able to get insane crit shots and boost reloads

Butter- probably one of the best shielders out here having strong shields for the entire team and taunting with a super strong team, probably also one of the sturdiest as he gains hp whenever his shields get damaged

Beck- Beck is often underrated, but not every damage dealer is about raw damage, she gains her strenght in decreasing the enemies armor and making their reloads and fire rates slower, she mainly comes in when she gets her evasion field allowing her to ignore shots and gain hp when she dodged them, whilst that stacking up big amounts of crit change and damage, making her a sturdy damage dealer


Cinder- cinder is mainly about destroying cover and increasing her damage by that, her silver and bronze excel at taking down cover, having all this together she can get an amazing amount of damage, a good combo with baron :wink:

Cast- well, good luck killing him, he has absolutely unbelievable amounts of hp and armor, he has heals and damage buffs when he gets hit and is basically a one man army, plus his silver and bronze stun and silence enemies making him even better against damage

Colonel wesson- hé mainly gets stronger when there’s multiple heroes of his faction, which are most of the starter heroes, he and the heroes gain hp and damage with more, and his bronze is where he shines as he can mark a target and decreasing max hp, heal blocking and increasing damage, and if that target dies, he regains the full ability, his silver damages the entire enemy team and sets it on fire

Carabina- she is all about increasing damage to opponents with her bronze, while her gold and plat makes her and teammates get extra damage for enemies that die with a charge of her bronze, also a tip for her silver, switch cover so it will continue shooting for max damage, she is extremely viable in raids

Cross- cross is a mix of damage and debilitation, making his enemies an easier target with the slowing debuffs, he can easily get his silver and bronze on which increases his damage by a lot, his strength mostly comes from his bow

Castellan, castellan is a late game hero, as soon as he puts his turrets down and his insane shield, his turrets start healing and shooting rockets that make and insane and undeniable death, best countered by killing him while damage his turrets

Clyde- clyde his silver stuns enemies and his bronze deals a huge amount of damage and works better on stunned targets, while he shoots enemies for every shot he hits and doesn’t miss he gains increased crit chance and damage, this buff gets so high he get the most insane crit hits ever reaching up to 200k or more on max level

Callidus- callidus mostly tanks damage and heal blocks enemies while every ability of her including her gun make her leach health, making her a viable tank and making the opponent weaker. Great combo with razorback

Chesterfield- chesterfield loves to scare the enemy by trapping them, while his bronze deals huge damage and roots enemies, his silver increases the damage, and his gold and plat allow him to refresh the root duration and deal unbelievable amounts of damage against the rooted targets

Caine- Caine loves to be annoying, giving shield to teammates that stack up and boosting cooldown with crit hits, while his silver punishes the enemy by reflecting damage and silencing them, and yes he can pick up these packs when he missed his teammate

Commando- commando is all about increasing his crit change and damage, while his bronze makes his gun just great overall by shooting faster and increasing damage and mag size, his silver makes enemies get a chance to boost the next shot with an insane crit chance and damage, while he also gains small amounts of up when he critically hits an enemy

Duran- Duran his bronze heals an ally for an insane amount and his silver either Gives hp a second above 50% or a big health boost under, and his gold and plat allow him to also get heals himself and boost atack performance with damage fire rate and reload boost

Dogface-dogface loves his sniper, from giving his sniper armor, damage and crit hit boosts to increasing his mag size by 12 bullets, making him able to quickly chew through anyone, also, a tip is to use his silver first and when at 1 bullet use his bronze so it reloads the gun with all 18 bullets


Elite rifleman- he is an average soldier, having a good mix between hp and atack abilities, also is able to combo his bronze with his silver making him a pretty good combo with halo


Francoise- Francoise is a buffer wiith her bronze working as a small heal that cleanses and gives all positive effects she has, then you have the silver which makes her super powerfull with hp damage and evade buffs, if you have all charges throw your bronze to a teammate and they will get insanely strong, her other abilities allow her mainly to get stronger if the team is outnumbered

Fischer- Fischer is all about timing, while his silver helps him make opponents weaker and his gold and plat help him get stronger the more he gets hit, his bronze is what he is all about, as long as an opponent has more max hp than he has at that moment he removes 50% of their hp and he deals 50% of his remaining hp to the enemy

Fortress- fortresss is the perfect mix between offense and defense, switching from armor buffs to damage buffs he is both sturdy and good at dealing consistent damage, his silver can have him heal up a bit while your bronze can get you that extra boost

Flatline- her bronze allows her to revive a teammate with a decent amount of hp, if no one was dead she instead heals the lowest ally with a very big amount of healing, this does deal a bit of damage to herself, her silver allows her to stun a target for 8 second and it does a small amount of damage per second, her gold allows her to transfer 50% of her hp to an ally that has 0 hp and will normally die, whenever this happens she and the allied hero start recovering a medium amount of health per second for 10 seconds, this only works on one hero at a time, her platinum makes her bronze cool down 20 percent faster and increase her damage by a bit and gains a medium amount of extra hp for every ally that is dead


Galante- galante is mostly about damaging multiple enemies at once, with his bronze being excellent to either deal damage to tons of enemies or concentrated damage to one, with his gun being explosive he can deal damage to multiple enemies and charge his bronze up faster and his other abilities helping to tank

Ghoul- ghoul is a master of limiting targets their movement, his bronze has a chance to silence and deal damage and his silver is a bomb that deals a decent amount of damage, with his platinum allowing him to heal when not active his gold helps his bronze deals more damage and spread even further

Gammond- gammond is a mix of healing tanking and damage dealing, his bronze gives a constistent healing effect and if teammates tend to get low he starts to taunt, his silver helps him deal damage while his gold makes him a must have when your almost losing and just need these extra few seconds, and his plate helps that extra bit at dealing damage against weaker targets

Halloway- halloway can create clones of himself dealing a small amount of damage but his silver lets him shoot a high damage blast which the clones will also do, they do the same damage as halloway himself and his platinum buffs him and the clones a bit and his gold allow the clones to soak up a percentage of the damage he receives


Hardscope- hardscope waits for the right moment to strike, his bronze allows him to deal huge damage in large areas and his silver spawns a companion that heals him, his gold allows him to deal more damage when he stands out of cover and his plat allows him to deal a lot more headshots damage, these combines make him insane at longer ranges and headshots

Hivemind- hivemind can spawn 3 drones in that leach a small amount of health and give 50% to you or an ally, and his other drone can taunt the enemy team whilst dealing a small amount of damage, his other abilities allow him to gain hp when he spawns them and when they get destroyed making him tanky and a decent support

Heimlock- Heimlock his bronze allows him to heal the entire team and if they are below 50% hp they gain 25% more healing and his silver cleanses all negative effect and gives a small hp boost to the entire team, for every effect that he cleanses he gains a huge amount of extra hp, his gold makes the entire team have a medium extra hp boost at the first 30 seconds and improves all healing by 25%, his platinum give him a small hp buff for every ally above 50% hp, if they are under they take 10% less damage

Hideo- his bronze makes him throw knives that hit up to 6 targets and deals a medium amount of damage, his silver makes him slam into an enemy and deal big damage and stun them for 4 seconds, his gold makes his gun a bit stronger every time he hits someone, this also counts for hits with the bronze, they deplete in about 4 seconds, and whenever he kills someone the next time he uses his bronze it has been cooled down by 50%, his platinum allows him to deal a small amount damage to one nearby opponent, also when he uses his bronze it has a 50% chance to hit a nearby enemy to

Halo- her bronze allows her to create a big shield for 3 long seconds, if its not depleted the remaining hp will be given to all allies, her silver allows her to charge up a shot that deals a pretty decent amount of damage and has a 75% chance to bounce to nearby enemies for about 65% of the damage, her gold makes the entire team regen a small amount of hp whenever an ally gets below 50% this can only happen once to every hero unless an ally dies then it will reset, her platinum gives her a 40 percent chance that whenever an ally damages an opponent with an ability they gain an extra small amount of damage

Heckler- his bronze makes him lose a bit hp and gain a pretty big damage boost, his silver makes him target the opponent with the lowest percentage remaining hp, it shoots 16 rockets that deal a medium amount of damage, his gold makes him have a 5 percent chance to deal a medium amount of extra damage and stun the target for 1 second, if the bronze is active he gets a 20% chance, platinum makes him get a decent amount of hp per second for 3 seconds whenever an ally falls below 50% hp


Ifrit- ifrit his bronze heals all allies one by one with the healing bouncing over teammates until its depleted, his silver allows the team a rest as it give a small hp and damage boost and it marks all enemies and disorients them, alllowing pressure on the enemy team and he is able to revive people if they haven’t killed anyone, when he dies all heroes gain his max hp as a hp boost

Irezumi- irezumi concentrates on stacking up damage over time with het bronze giving a small amount of damage over time and her silver allows to debilitate the enemy with disorientation or silencing, whilst her gold makes her silver do another damage over time effect and her plat makes her gun stronger if you kill an enemy with the bronze and improves fire rate if killed by the silver


Jarek- jarek his bronze has a chance to lift people and do a decent amount of damage, while you can combo it to make the lift time longer it also deals a big amount of damage and penetrates shields, his gold makes him stun enemies with his abilities to and deal extra damage to stunned targets, his platinum gives him a small armor and damage reducement buff


Kurtz- kurtz his bronze has a small chance to stun a target for 20 second or disorient them for 8, while his silver either allows to instakill an opponent that is stunned or kill a teammate for a massive damage boost and a massive hp boost, while his gold allows teammates to regen health over time if an ally is killed and reduce their damage and disorient them for 20 seconds, and for his platinum whenever an ally is killed the enemy gains heal block and damage over time for 8 seconds

Klayton- klayton is all about tanking, with his first ability is taunting and stunning/staggering enemies that atack him his silver allows him to stun any enemy he want, then his gold gives him a small amount of hp and makes his gun reload/shoot 50% faster, his platinum makes him insanely strong giving him a big amount of hp whenever he stuns an enemy

Kunochi- kunochi her bronze let’s her throw knives that deal a big amount of damage and if all three hit it stuns them for a long time while her silver makes her slightly weaker it makes her gun alooot stronger, her gold makes her do extra damage against rooted/stunned enemies and her plat makes her gain a small hp over time effect whenever she kills an enemy for 4 second, odachi gains this buff to if he is in the team

Kaishi- kaishi his bronze will have him shoot a bullet that deals medium damage that allows him to shoot 50% faster and deal a bit more damage, his silver will stagger any enemy that uses an ability and deal a tiny amount of damage, his gold makes his bronze apply lockout which reflects 15 percent of the damage onto the attacker, up to a small amount, his platinum lets him have a 20 percent chances per effect to cleanse, whenever he cleanses an effect his next shot deals a decent amount more damage

Kobold- her bronze creates a very decent shield for the entire team that lasts 20 seconds, her silver makes her deplete all shield and for 20% of their remaining hp she heals all allies, her gold makes all her shields deal 15 percent of the received damage upon their attackers, if a shield expires or gets depleted she deals a medium amount of damage to the nearest enemy, platinum makes her able to give a tiny amount of armor and a medium health per second as long as she has a shield

Keel- her bronze allows her to repair cover for 15 percent per second and do a big amount of healing per second and it lasts for 6 seconds, her silver makes her deal a medium damage to 3 nearby opponents and roots them for 6 seconds, her gold makes the lowest allied hero gain a small amount of hp per second whenever cover gets destroyed for 12 seconds, this can stack up to 5 charges on one hero, her platinum increases the teams armor a bit as long as they are above 60% hp


Lancer- lancer his bronze makes him quickly throw a grenade that deals damage to cover and a medium amount of damage and his silver either damages enemies over time or makes allies invisible and gain a small evade chance, his gold makes his grenade deal insane damage on enemies out of cover and his platinum makes him regain hp every time he throws a grenade

The post will be cut of into 2 pieces here as it was to big


The game has so much depth too than individual heroes. For example one hero’s skill is timed almost perfectly and synergies well with the other like Caine’s Counter Measure being used right before Siren’s Song to protect her. Both skills have almost similar charge time, so Siren if not controlled is unlikely to use her Song while you are waiting for Caine’s Counter Measure skill to charge up.

Francoise and Brogan are more complex but they allow for fun and smart plays if they can use their skills at the right time.

The developers don’t slap skill charge time randomly on heroes, many factors are used and I’m sure that synergy with some heroes and timing is one of them.


Nice work, I’ll take what you have here and improve upon it for the guide! Appreciated by the community.


The title should be: Explaining every heroes skills.
You didn’t even explain how to use them. You have just said more or less what the skill description says. :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

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Thanks for the tip, I forgot about it

One day, I’d like to take the time to document the active skill times. It would take all day to go through all 90 heroes, but I would need a partner in crime for this…

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I greatly applaud the effort that you took for this post and the follow up post for L-Z. It shows serious dedication to do a post like that, 8-9 hours of continuous writing and it demonstrates that you really really really, REALLY, like Hero Hunters!

That said… I am a bit doubtful about what this would actually achieve since the skill descriptions are all there and can be read by anyone. Paraphrasing skill descriptions and abilities (and seemingly making some errors, too) then makes players need to read more stuff and might actually be more confusing.

Appreciate the effort, though!

Thanks, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

And indeed my love for this game is unstoppable and I’d love to be able to be something for this community

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Cool! That dedication tho! I used to be slightly confused on some skills when I first started (like 3 years ago) so this helps clear things up for newbies, although its a bit of an eyesore with so many text, maybe bolden the hero names?

What do you mean by that?

Like make it a bit tidier so its easier to find the heroes, like make the hero names bold so they stand out.

Sounds good but at some point this post will not be looked after, and also I’ll do my best but it’s tough to edit on posts

Just an idea to keep this from getting buried in a week or 2 would be to put it in a google doc or something and then update it with every new hero. You could then put a link to the latest and greatest doc in the comments of every hero update that you have added to the doc. I can just imagine the time you put into this and it would be a shame for it to be buried in the forum archives.

Most of the information here is already in game in the skills section but none the less I have it saved and have begun editing it. You will likely find something similar in the months coming when the guide is published

Nice to know people are going to improve something I worked hours on and now it’s basically a waste

I am sorry you feel that way, all credit will be given in the guide. If you want me to not use your information here and find it all myself just like you have done so then I have no problem doing that and will respect your wishes. If you create something and put it open to the community then you must expect scrutiny and others to want to make improvements.

I am making my guide yet I don’t expect me to be the only credited writer. I want and expect others to look at my work and see where it can be improved, please try not to take offence.

Im fine with it as long as it’s not forgotten that ive spent my hours on it, if I can help the community I’m fine but you know, my dream has always been to be known to help the community, I try my best at least

Great work, Robert. True labour of love there and I greatly appreciate it.


I love this​:handshake::white_check_mark::white_check_mark: Nice write up man