New Hero Concept: Brobot

Brobot main purpose was to help secure buildings with his tank like body. If danger were to ever occur, folks knew he would be able to protect them from a collapse. Since not much opportunities are left for a wondering construction bot, hes had to rely on mercenary jobs to go on living.

Weapon: Nail Gun (shoots energy nails)

Faction: Mercenary

Element: Energy


  • Bronze: Hold the Line (Creates an energy barrier in front on himself to absorb incoming damage. If there is no cover, he will make an energy version of the cover instead)
  • Silver: Rocket Punch (Launches a fist that punches his target. Chance to stun the target)
  • Gold: Nailed It (basic attacks have a chance to slow the enemy down)
  • Plat: Robo Strength (gains 2% defense increase from missing health)
  • Ruby: Tanked Up

Face Concept: He is a robot who uses his face as an expression of how he interacts. Happy is the normal look. Anger is the serious/danger look, Sad is the near death and the X for eyes is dead.
HH_Hero concept_Faces


Reminds me of this:

I love to kill him in coops as a boss. Nice concept bro.