New Hero Concept: Santiago

Background: Santiago was always jealous of his brother always getting the spotlight. They have always been competative in all manors, only that his brother bested him. He made himself a power suit that can boost his stats in different ways. He hopes these abilities will give him the edge he needs.

Weapon: Uzi


  • Bronze: Change type (depending on the colors of his suit, it will focus on a boost of said power. ie red would stronger attack. blue more defense). this effect will rotate each time they do it and will last a bit of time)
  • Silver: fury strike (strikes furiously around himself and prevents bullet damage for 5 seconds. if an enemy does a melee attack, they receive damage)
  • Gold: Rubber Bullets (bullets have a chance to hit other heroes close to
  • Plat: increases the benefits of change type
  • Ruby: (insert ruby tag here)


I like it! Love the Tron vibes and color changing!

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So like fortress gold but you can actually choose. Nice.

was going for the tron vibe and one of spider-man suits (think its called Big Time) that also has the tron look.

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Love his silver skill! Does that mean he blocks all bullets by deflecting them all with his hands? Reminds me of using knuckles in Warframe, the dude would literally punch bullets out of the air.
His bronze is definitely interesting, similar to Fortress, but he was annoying in that he would mostly be in defense mode cause of him being a big target.
Also, great drawing!

either he will use a short sword to do the action skill or hands would work well. I didnt want him to deflect the bullets cause Ronin already does that. I wanted his bronze to be unique so depending on the mode, you either have a brief advantage in the fight or it helps you survive

PS if nobody has questioned the brother yet, its Ronin