New Hero Concept: Brooks - Acrobatic Disrupter

New Hero Concept: Brooks - Acrobatic Disrupter (3 Star Hero)

Element: Mechanical
Faction: The Watch
Position: Midline

HP: 3/5
Armor: 5/5
Damage: 4/5
Skills: 4/5

Michael Erin Brooks, before Zero Day, was one of the United States’ best male gymnasts. He quickly became popular with the public after winning his 4th gold medal in the All Around division, during his time in the Los Angeles Olympic games.

When war broke out in the nation, it didn’t take long for the government to fall. Soon after, Brooks was drafted into the United Armed Force’s Airbourne division. There he utilized his acrobatic skills and training to make himself into a fierce combatant against the evil that awaited him.

When the UAF’s Bravo Squad exposed what the Colonel was really planning, Brooks abandoned the Airborne and soon joined the Watch, where they helped him create a new potent chemical to be used in battle. He now uses his skill to protect the communities around him, the ones who supported him, all those years ago.


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Weapon: Assault Grips

X Band: Safety Band

Brooks’ weapons are a dual set of modified Ring Grips, equipped with weaponized chemical injectors. He was able to get the help of Verill in producing these deadly weapons.

Shooting Rate: 6 rounds per second
Ammunition Capacity: 12
Recharge Time: 1.3 seconds
Damage: Med/High

Bronze Ability: Chalked Up

  • Activating a dispenser on his wrists, Brooks sprays up to 4 enemies with a lethal substance, giving them each a charge of Chalked Up for 10 seconds.

  • Each charge of Chalked Up dissorients the targets, deals x elemental damage, and gives them a 20% chance to be staggered whenever they crouch behind cover.

  • 1% for every 10 levels.

Silver Ability: Switch Grip

  • If any enemy hero if affected by Chalked Up, an additional x elemental damage is dealt, and 25% of their current health is depleted and transferred evenly to all allied heroes. This effect can be stacked up to 4 times. (4 enemies are effected by Chalked Up, when Switch Grip is used.

  • If Switch Grip is used, and at least 4 enemies have a charge of Chalked Up, their movement speed is decreased by 40% as well.

  • If Switch Grip is used, and no enemy hero is affected by Chalked Up, then this ability has no effect.

Gold Ability: Thunderous Applause

  • For every bullet fired from both ally and enemy, within the first 5 seconds of the match, all allied heroes gain x (small) health.

  • Thunderous Applause resets every wave.

Platinum Ability: Tumbling Pass

  • Brooks gains a 30% chance to evade enemy attacks, and gains an additional x health whenever he moves positions on the battlefield.

Ruby Ability: Supported

  • A skilled Support Hero can’t help their team if they’re down for the count. This hero gains a x Armor bonus and 30% increases chance to dodge.

Legendary Skin: Overchalked

Brooks improves the effect given by Chalked Up, increasing Elemental Damage by x, and increasing the maximum number of effect enemies to 5.

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The Logos for each ability were found on this website

The Ruby Ability is a screenshot from the actual game.

Thank you for reading this Hero Concept of mine. Any feedback is appreciated. :slight_smile:

Sneak Peak at what's to come...

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Cool! Glad to see you’re still making these!

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It’s so nice to see hero concepts actually coming back. Can’t wait to see the next hero concept!


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