New Hero Concept: Bulwark (5 star hero)

New Hero Concept: Bulwark (5 Star Hero)

Element: Mechanical
Faction: Shoremen
Position: Midline

Health: 3/5
Armor: 5/5
Damage: 4/5
Skills: 4/5

In the early days following Zero Day, William Marquardt found himself on his boat, alone, defending it and himself from a marauding local gang looking for food and equipment they believed were aboard. While he was always good with a gun, his boat was not the most sheltered position and he was taking fire. William grabbed a piece of spare Bulwark, wedged it in front of him against the side of the boat, and weathered a hail of bullets as he returned fire. After this incident William saw a need for specialized protection and began to experiment with metal scraps and firearms and devised a unique combination of armor that gave heavy protection while also allowing him to dish out accurate and deadly fire of his own. Since that day, the locals simply call him Bulwark, and they avoid his boat.


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Weapon: KB-16 High Velocity Automatic shotgun

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Rate of Fire: 2 rounds per second
Ammunition Capacity: 16
Reload Time: 1.5 seconds
Damage per pellet: High. Pellet Spread : Narrow. Pellets per shot : 4

Bronze Ability:image Bulwark

Bulwark drops to a kneeling position and conceals himself behind his shield. Bulwark is treated as if he is behind cover regardless of whether or not other cover is present, is immune to knock back, and is immune to weapon damage. This effect lasts 1 second for every 10 levels or ends when Bulwark moves. Reloading does not count as moving.

Silver Ability:image Incendiary Grenade

Tosses an incendiary grenade at the targeted enemy dealing X damage to the targeted enemy and nearby enemies in a medium area and igniting all affected enemies causing X damage per second for X seconds. Damage per second lasts 1 second for every 10 levels.

Gold Ability: image Run and Gun

While on the move, Bulwark maintains his shield in position between himself and enemy fire and faces the enemy. To do this, base movement speed is reduced by 15%, other effects increasing or decreasing movement rate then apply. Enemy weapon damage is reduced by 50% while moving between cover. Every time Bulwark receives weapon fire while moving there is a percent chance to return two rounds of fire and only while the weapon has rounds to fire. If the weapon is empty, he will not fire back . Chance of return fire increases 1% for every 10 levels and chance of hitting the target is 50% each shot.

Platinum Ability: image Improved Run and Gun

Run and Gun percent chance to return fire increases another 1% for every 10 levels.

Ruby Ability:image Doing Damage

Level 100, 10 star, full equipment = 21,500 mechanical damage bonus.

The Logos for each ability were found on this website

Hope you all enjoy this as much as I enjoyed creating it and have a wonderful day!


Space marine with shotgun. I LOVE IT.

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Thanks @GAMER37XDEC, I appreciate that.

I love the Run and Gun concept. Would definitely come in handy. The over all design of him, and his backstory was great. I feel like he would be a big help in Extreme Missions, as his bronze can soak up some a ton of damage without affecting him. :+1:t2:


Well he’d be immune to weapon damage, not skill damage. So not quite like Serial who can just stand there and take it. Which is why he’d need to move…which is where run and gun comes into play, the chance to do damage while moving, but you can’t just run the whole match because you have to reload at some point. I was purposefully avoiding a hero that can run the whole match by making him have to have ammo and slows his movement. But he’d be the tankiest DPS ever!

Tip of the hat to you @J_A_D_O and @Vintermyst and @LazyCOMMAnd3r and others, I wouldn’t have had any interest in concept heroes if it wasn’t for you folks. I didn’t think it would be fun but it is AND it brings you more in touch with actual heroes and their skills and sometimes you learn something new about real skills when you are thinking about new ones.


Might soon make a new one myself when i get inspiration, i used to post a lot though i find myself out of idea’s in terms of design and such, ability ideas i have enough

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Hohohoho this is hero is good it should come out

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