New Hero Suggestion: Mars

I have an idea for a new UAF Airborne hero. His name is Mars, and he takes the role of a healer/shielder.

A versatile supporter. Supports his allies with shields and bonus health, and can turn the tide of battle with his powerful skills.

First, lets start with his backstory.
Mars is a former medic who lost his job due to Kurtz’s force bringing mass destruction to the hospital he worked in. He studied the art of healing wounds and resurrecting the fallen. He is good friends with Butter, and he even figured out how to make his own shields. Although the hospital he worked at was wrecked, he still strives to help others.

Now, lets move on to his element, deploy position, weapon, and appearance.
He is an energy hero.
His deploy position is mid-line.
His weapon is called the XW7 (eXperimental Weapon 7) Plasma Shotgun. It’s basically a Mossberg Shockwave. It uses standard shotgun shells and can hold up to 7 shells at a time. The gun itself converts the pellets into plasma right after they exit the shell. Mars loads each shell in his shotgun one by one and he doesn’t have to load all of the shells when he reloads, just like Panzer.

He wears a navy blue trench coat, dark blue jeans, black shoes, and sunglasses with blue shades. He has black, messy hair and blue eyes, too.

Now its time to move on to his skills. Note that I will be using X for stats that vary by level, such as damage and healing.

Bronze Skill: Healing Blast
Shoots a blast of healing energy at the targeted ally, restoring X health per second for 10 seconds. If the ally was below 50% health, they get a shield that absorbs X damage. The shield lasts for 10 seconds or until destroyed.

Silver Skill: Shield Beam
A shielding beam hits all other allied heroes, giving them shields that absorb X damage and reducing incoming damage by 20%. Each shield lasts for 10 seconds or until destroyed. If an allied heroes shield is destroyed, they gain X bonus health that lasts until depleted.

Gold Skill: Medic Instinct
If this hero drops below 30% health, he recovers X health per second for 10 seconds and gains X bonus health that lasts until used up.

Platinum Skill: Final Farewell
If this hero is defeated, all other allied heroes recover X health per second for 10 seconds and gain a shield that absorbs X damage and lasts for 10 seconds or until destroyed. If an ally is defeated, they are revived with X health after 5 seconds. This can only happen once a round.

So there you have it! Mars, the versatile supporter! I really hope that he is worthy to be added to the game. It would be a nice surprise if he joins the hunt next update!


TBH, bronze skill needs improving
Low on health, shield (which is great) but taunting? (not so great)
It depends on how much the shield can take

Perfect. Hope they add this guy. Although why does he use a pistol for a skill. I mean normally shotguns have better damage than pistols. Why not just fire from the XW7. Also is his SG automatic or pump action?? I agree with HecklerP as well. Platinum skill’s shield lasting for just 10 seconds?? Let them be active until destroyed I guess. Overall good hero. It is pretty hard to make up a hero. Just some improvements.

FYI, I was talking about his bronze skill

Even I’m talking about the bronze skill when I mentioned you. But I didn’t say it again coz you already said it. Dude FYS.

Ok I get it but back on track, the main outline is great, but giving the weak allies taunt is not the best idea

ok, i removed the taunt. I just realized that it won’t be a good time to taunt.

I wanted to do something new with sidearms in this game. I just wanted a new shotgun hero in the game. I originally thought of him using a pistol, but then I decided to give him a shotgun instead. I didn’t want to scrap the pistol idea, so I just left it as a silver skill.

Oh and by the way, the shotgun is pump action.

Then dump the pistol. If it’s a sidearm you’re concerned about, make it a Sawn-Off shotgun. Something like the PSOS( Plasma Sawn-Off Shotgun) or simply PSO(Plasma Sawn-Off).

Ok, I took out the pistol completely and added a shield beam instead. I think it’s better to leave out the pistol, too.

Umm. Shield beam is good. But just one last finishing. Shield beam’s bonus health lasts for 10 seconds. I mean how can bonus health have limited time. Logically speaking, if the hero is low at health, Mars uses shield beam. That hero gets bonus health. But after 10 seconds, that health gets depleted and the hero suddenly dies. I mean that’s quite a scene, no? My suggestion?? Remove that 10 seconds only for bonus health. Then it’s good to go.

Sure thing. Thanks for pointing that out.
Edit: Ok! All good to go.

If the game wasn’t currently stuck in a PVP healing meta, I would support this hero idea. Unfortunately, this might make the PVP situation worse. Instead of thinking of heal/shield heroes, focus on possible DPS heroes who can counter the heal meta effectively.