New Hero Concept: Endor - Necromancer Witch

Element: Biochemist

Hp 3/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 2/5
Skills 4/5

“Don’t play with the laws of life,” they said, “You’re gonna end badly,” they said.

Healer - Support
A woman with a tragic past, became a necromancer to no longer be alone, but paying terrible consequences


Bronze: Dark Fog - she damages herself to create a fog that invades the field, constantly disorienting and damaging the enemy

Silver: Under Control - subdues the target enemy, causing him to lose control to attack his allies for 5 seconds

  • at the end of the effect, the target will be stunned for 3 seconds

Gold: Holo-Friends - when an ally dies, the hero automatically creates a hologram that replaces it

  • the hologram has half the total power of the original
  • If the hero comes back to life, the hologram disappears.
  • only one hologram per ally can be activated

Platinum: Necromancy - each hologram has a 15% chance of resurrecting the hero when he is destroyed

  • if dark fog is active the probability rises to 30%

Appearance: she is a very thin Afro-American woman, has long, curly hair with an indigo tuft, white eyes and shiny purplish lips.
She wears a long black-purple robe or something like that

She is physically too weak to be able to both walk (in fact it has some sort of mini rockets that make it float) and to hold a weapon (the recoil itself could break her arm)

his weapon is a small skull shaped drone with a gun coming out of its mouth.
like the warhammer’s servo-skull or if you’re not a very imaginative person, she’s got a small automatic gun.
(low rate of fire, low damage, fast recharge).

A bit of Backstory: Nya had a really, really tragic past.
She never met her mother, her father was a military scientist for Top Secret projects.
He was good to his daughter, he tried in every way to make her happy, but the depression took him away leaving the girl with her uncle (on the side of his father).
The uncle was a paramilitary engineer, taught her the basics of medicine and some engineering.
Around the age of 18, Nya found a rare disease that damaged her bones and muscles to the point of forcing her into a wheelchair.
At the age of 21, her uncle designed a special exoskeleton that connected to her brain from her spine and allowed her to move freely again.
At the age of 28, her uncle died of murder, leaving the girl alone again, she married a boy of the same age and they had a son.
at 35 the war began, the three were involved in an explosion she survived, but her husband and son did not.
She had a psychological breakdown, lost all hope and confidence in mankind.
Thanks to her uncle’s teachings and her father’s plans, a new exoskeleton was created, a device was created that transformed the matter around her into constructs of solid light with a human aspect.
Because of the fumes delivered by the heronium bombs, she lost her sight, but thanks to her new technologies and her new “assistants” and a series of external contacts, she became very quickly powerful and dangerous.
Nowadays, she is one of the most dangerous wanted in circulation outside of S.W.A.T.

At the peronal level, she has no empathy, she feels no other emotion than anger and hatred towards the human race.
She is not crazy, on the contrary, she is strategic, cold, calculating, and slightly cynical.

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