New Hero Concept: Forsaken - Anti-Ethereal Entity

7star emoji War Hero Concept

Element: Void image
Faction: Mercenaries Unaffiliated
Position: Frontline

Hp 2/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 1/5
Skills 4/5

Death does not concern me, becouse as long as I exist, death is not there.
And then when it does come, I no longer exist.

Etherial Being - Disruptor

  • An ultra-earthly entity that was created immediately after Silhouette’s entry into the quantum realm.
  • Managed to escape from the quantum realm thanks to a burst of dark energy from an unknown source.
  • It managed to absorb some of that energy and merged with its basic quantum essence to become an unstoppable being, but at the same time it cannot survive in our reality without constantly losing energy and causing some disaster.

Snap Back
teleports the entire battlefield into quantum reality.
While in this reality, all heroes will suffer 20% extra damage, reduce armour and elemental armour by X and a 15% reduction in recharge speed, movement and fire rate for 20sec.

  • In [Quantum Reality] any active and passive skills in use are nullified, shields, invisibility, marks and taunts are also nullified.
  • Only Forsaken and Silhouette are immune.

Imperfect Imbalance
Balances the current health of the entire enemy team so that the amount of health is the same for everyone.
If even one enemy recovers health, all enemies will suffer damage per sec for 10sec.

  • Damage per second increases if other enemies also recover health.
  • In [Quantum Reality], [Imperfect imbalance] deletes health from all enemies in an amount equal to the hero’s health multiplied by x10.

When the hero suffers damage from an ability, it receives X damage for 10sec.

All One Purpose
When [Snap Back] nullifies shield and invisibility, this hero gets a shield and invisibility equal to 1/4 of their health and time.

  • Amount of shield health and invisibility time are accumulable

Unstoppable Force
The ethereal essence of this being from another reality has allowed him to develop unique abilities.
When in [Quantum Reality], the hero constantly recovers X health per second and gets infinite ammo, in addition missed enemy hits come back causing damage to enemies.

Since it was formed upon Silhouette’s entry into the quantum realm, his appearance is identical to theirs but more corrupted and distorted and entirely black, with deer-like antlers and purple spikes decorating its entire body and constantly generating a black smoke.

Its weapon: Dark Orbs
Are 6 orbs made of dark energy that float behind the hero.
They directly affect the health of the target, completely ignoring shields and armour, but have a low damage, low to medium rate and long recharge time.

Class: Special
Speed movement: medium
Orbs Quantity: 6
Recharge: 2.5 sec
Damage: Low

All icons are taken from around the forum and


Yo Lappo this concept is sick! I’m glad you haven’t Forsaken your hero concepts! :upside_down_face:


I like that silver concept, I like having abilities which directly influence the entire enemy team


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