New Hero Concept: Beatrice - Ethereal Muse

Element: Energy
Faction: UAF Naval Forces
Position: Rearline

Hp 2/5
Armor 1/5
Damage 1/5
Skills 5/5

In these years of constant warfare, I realized that human beings need emotional support, even fictitious ones, in order to get by.
I’m not a goddess and I don’t want a cult around me, but if you need it… I’m here.

Light Support - Healer- Emotional Support*
An angelic figure in the battlefield capable of stopping any conflict with her almost divine abilities.
She is a pacifist, but she does not disdain the use of weapons to bring peace.

Bronze: Light Guard - the hero splits into 4 copies of hermself that will stand in front of the allies protecting them from the damage of enemy bullets, being able to absorb up to 50% of the health of the ally in protection for 5sec.

  • Once a copy is destroyed, that absorbed damage will rebound on the enemy, but the hero will lose that amount of health.
  • In this state the hero cannot be used.

Silver: Dome of Light - the hero creates a cylindrical barrier with X health that encompasses the entire allied field transforming 25% damage into health and another 25% into energy skills distributed equally to all allies.

  • The barrier does not protect against indirect skills such as artillery and air strikes.

Gold: Ethereal Resurrection - immediately after an ally is killed, the hero will resurrect him and turn him into a [Warrior of Light].
In this state the ally cannot be used or activate skills, but will be 50% stronger.

  • If a [Light Guard] and a [Warrior of Light] are active at the same time, the two will annul themselves by resurrecting the hero in question in a normal way.

Platinum: Protectress - as long as the team is complete, the hero will have a health and armor boost and every time an ally suffers damage, at least 20% of it will be shared between her and the ally.

Ruby: Supported

Appearance: is a woman of unknown age and race.
She wears an all-white dress with fur embroidery and is completely enveloped in a golden light that fades to white/light blue.
She also wears a light armour but more than anything else they are silver plates covering the chest and elbows.
When she uses her skills, a ring of light with 6 wings and ancient inscriptions appears behind her.

Her Weapon: “Asclepius”.
is a high-tech staff that generates beams of light from the tip.
It consists of a long silvery staff with a luminous sphere on the tip with a ring of light and two wings around it and with brambles twisting along the staff with two roses blooming below the sphere

Class: Special
Shooting rate : 5
ammunition capacity : 1
recharge time : 0.5 sec
damage : Very Low


I’m getting Mercy vibes :star_struck:

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Wow man looks amazing, great work, keep it up!

That cat in your background makes me sad

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