New Hero Concept: Gas - Stinky Infester

5 :star: Hero Concept

Element: Biochemical Icon_ElementBio
Faction: Arms Tech.
Position: Midline

a bit of Backstory

Gaspar Theodore Rowell Kull, to his friends Gas, is a slightly obese man in his 30s of Romanian descent.
He has had a fairly humdrum life, running a pest control company with his family.
he is intelligent but did not apply himself so at the first opportunity he dropped out of school and went straight to work.
With the work van he left accepting any job.
it was an easy job for him, but from after the beginning of the war the demands began to be scarce and while his company was closed due to bankruptcy, he remained on his own.
One day he was called urgently by Arms Tech. in the biological hazards section and was assigned to eliminate a small animal that had managed to escape from the laboratories and hid in the underground dump.
He was given a suit and rifle and sent to the rescue.
He returned to the surface after 4 hours, all smeared with blood and material of dubious origin.
Instead of paying him, they offered him a job not as an exterminator but as a biological weapons tester, and he accepted instantly

Controller - Disruptor - Infestor

  • Scum’s lab brother, he uses the same technology for the same purpose but compared to him has more concentrated attacks.
  • He uses an extremely smelly “nonlethal” slime solution to silence the enemy; it is such a potent stench that it can corrode small light armored vehicles.
  • Years of using stinky chemicals have made him immune to the smell and given his hair a nice purplish color.

Plague the target area with stink gas that randomly disorients and silences all enemies in the area.
Each bullet hit has a 20% chance to Stun the target by 1 sec for every X of health it possesses.

  • The gas persists for 8sec.

Caustic Slime
Invests the target and anyone behind them with a sticky slime.
Enemies covered in slime will suffer from constant reduction in maximum health.
Directly hit enemies will be stuck in the area, while passing enemies will be slowed by 85%.

adds crowd controll effects plus random dizziness side effects to the hero’s abilities.
For each effect applied or extinguished, another effect will be added.

  • [Miasma] cannot be cleansed

Closed Nose
Increases the hero’s elemental damage by 200% against enemies affected by his abilities.

05_Ruby Tanked Up

An obese man in a Hazmat suit slightly modified for combat

original concept avoid amogus memes

His Weapon: Smellow
An unusual medium-sized rifle.
the liquid canister almost completely submerges the barrel, allowing some of the stinking liquid to leak into the bullet when fired, impractical but apparently effective.
has only 5 bullets and a very low rate of fire, but has a fairly fast reload and sustained damage

Class: Rifle
Fire Rate: 5.8 semi-automatic
Ammunition capacity: 5
Reload Speed: 1.3 sec
Damage: Average

all icons are taken from around the forum and

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Great concept!!! Maybe workshop the name tho, otherwise pretty amazing!!!

define workshop the name

Hehehe, nvm I like the name the way it is

Awesome Hero Idea . I really like it to see in game

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I think he looks more like a heavy duty tanking front liner. I love scums affect against everyone he fights so I definitely like this one.

Because his view is 360ish his face shield is so big I wish it corner strobe spotlights and bio wipers with visible lines where it wiped to keep the view clear that would be so funny but since he has a full massive view that he needs it clearly wouldn’t work but it does give him the opportunity for wide range attacks for Pollution that works Good job

I like the weapon design and arrangement. Specifically both sides and the added concepts to how it would function and work. I thought it did something else in the way it worked until I put all the pictures together. Very interesting. Good job

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