New Hero Concept: Nathaniel "Hazmat" Leiberman

Background: A top scientist in Kurtz secret lab, Hazmat would work with fragile chemicals that were going to be used for war. A natural disaster shook the foundations hard enough that Hazmat was trapped inside with no communication to the outside world. He survived once Z day happened, but the materials he absorbed has confined him to his suit.

Weapon: Needle Gun (this weapon will shoot needles. Needles will explode after you reload the gun)

Element: Chem

Faction: Kurtz Lawgivers


  • Bronze: Tracker Dart (shoots a tracker dart at a target. Bullets only from Hazmat will home into them for. lasts 5 seconds.
  • Silver: Hazard Disposal (throws a container of hazardous material. Will leave a pool of said material of it doesnt hit anyone. If it hits someone, they get a stack of radiation that does DoT for 8 seconds.
  • Gold: Explosive (enemies that die while inflicted with radiation have a chance to explode in a small nova. When they explode, it spreads to others radiate others)
  • Plat: Walking Bomb (enemies with the max stack of radiation will get increased DoT. This also creates a small aura damaging others near by.
  • Ruby: Tanked Up

chem barrel Barrel would be the typical industrial kind. I added a little effect like its leaking.

Hazard sign its your radiation sign, this is what would stack.