New Hero Concept / Idea

Thanks for the Queen B & Aviator concepts.

I would love to see Morph or Mimic.

And like the name implies… the hero can either mimic the skills of allied heroes or even better morph into them. That way for a few seconds one would have double the hero and skills in their team.


Moi perso j’adorerais voir ça crée un héro capable d’imiter les compétences des alliés et ceux des ennemis aussi

This is actually not a bad idea, I just imagine she mimicking Verril or Stygia. But please we need 7 star heroes, I’m building a line up of new and strong heroes don’t want to waste time on past heroes.

7 star doesn’t mean they are strong. 7 star are mainly based on their design and purpose in the lore. They’ve never been automatically powerful. A 2 star hero like Hardscope can be better in some situations than Artemis for example

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Besides. You really don’t need them to make a strong lineup. One of the strongest lineups i use that beats full meta has none higher than 5 stars

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