New Heroes Concepts: Icicle, Beehive, Ace & Morph

Just ideas that can be amended…
Love to read other people’s opinions and contributions to this…

I’ll return to update or borrow your ideas. Thanks

Energy Hero: Icicle
Female (Keel’s frame, figure, height, built)
Freezes opponents at their tracks using a Megatronic freeze Ray Gun (
Costume: Eskimo… similar to Halo’s winter skin…light bright blue colours (different shades of blues)
Skill 1: freezes targeted opponent for 10 secs
Skill 2: freezes all enemies for 6 sec
Or icy rain / shower ( blocks skills from been used if u linger like Oro’s Caber Nuke does but ice)
Gold: provides allies with icy Shields
Platinum: shield and slow progressive healing

Mechanical Hero: Beehive
Female bee keeper, able to control her bees at will. stuns enemies with her killerbees.
Costume: black and gold, bee enthusiast (dressed like a bee), frame and build like francious’ but armoured like Kobold…beekeeper style. As Queenbee carries her bees in a hive on her back.

Skill1:bee sting… stuns target enemy for 6 secs
Skill2: bee swam…disorientation for 10 secs
Gold: Honey…slowly heals allies over time
Platinum: Revive sting…revives a dead ally within 5 secs of death.

Bio hero: Ace
Aviator pilot and weapons expert like dogface
Costume: pilot jacket, goggles etc the full Aviator outfit and gear.
Weapon: DOUBLE BARREL FLEXIBLE AIRCRAFT MACHINE GUNS MODEL 100 AND MODEL 1 (but modified and downsized for one man carry).
United Arm Forces…frontline Tank hero
Heavy damage dealer to all enemies like Savage.
Skill1: request aid drops… Healing all allies.
Skill2: request airstrikes…hitting all enemies.
Gold: modifies weapon to shoot x2 (or more with upgrading) heat seeking missiles after every reload.

Bio hero: Morph
Like the name implies he can morph into the strongest allied heros (or random ally) and perform that hero’s skills for a certain period of time 12secs.
Costume: a combination of Moss conniving look and prophet in a ninja shadow dark form. No face no identify of his own.
Weapon: sniper

Skill1: morph one hero’s skill
Skill2: morph two heros skills
Gold: morphs physically skill 2
Platinum: he creates a duplicate of the hero he fully morphs to with skill 2 and resets to his normal skills

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