New hero concept: Jailor

As his name suggests, Jailor has worked to capture countless criminals. His excellent procedure with multiple code levels has established standards for all prisons, and he takes pride in his rules and regulations. wearing glasses and standing tall at 6’5”, Jailor is a very intimidating man and rightfully so. Even in combat, he deploys a defense system that follows his code levels to ensure he imprisons any thug unfortunate to meet him.

bronze, raise the alarm: Jailor goes to the next code level and heals himself. He begins at no code, goes to code green (improve basic attack damage), then code yellow (same but cannot be staggered), then code red (same but also cannot be stunned and taunts the enemy). If he does not take damage for three seconds he goes down one code level.

Silver, Regulation Wall: traps an opponent within walls and limits their movement, also shielding himself against said opponent for some amount

Gold, high-alert: his allies now gain attack damage each time he raises the alarm

Platinum, code black: when he dies all allies gain the effect of code red along with some armor