New Hero Idea : Metalic Joker

Gun Desert Eagle or something like that , but with 15 bullets.

Midline or Rear line

Bronze skill : Hides one hero of the enemy hero for x seconds ( the hidden hero have no shooting no presence , even the hero avatar will be hidden for x seconds with timer on is place

Silver skill : zombiefy and control the enemy’s one hero to shoot its own ally with x damage and heal block , if the enemy use skill of that zombie hero, lets say heal , it will heal the team of joker with x health and x shield . If zombie use attack boost or critical damage , it wil add up in Joker.

Gold skill : If any ally hero have x health or less health than this hero , joker will trigger a mirror copy of that hero which hides and heal the hero with x health and shoot enemy for x seconds with x damage.

Plat skill : if this hero health is lower than x , this hero will bring metallic joker dark black hollowgraph with x health and he shoot enemies with x damage per second and x critical damage .

You should really try to source the pictures and read the new updated FAQ/Rules

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