🧬 New Hero Concept: Tiger - Biotechnological Super Soldier

The name is pronounced with the German pronunciation

Element: Icon_ElementMech
Faction: KLG Black Ops
Position: Frontline

Hp 5/5
Armor 3/5
Damage 1/5
Skills 3/5

– -.-- / …-. .- … - … / … … / … β€” – . - … … -. --. / -.-- β€” …- / -.-. .- -. -. β€” - / -.-. β€” -. - .-. β€” .-…

Heavy Fighter - Bullet Sponge - Silent Disruptor

  • During the end of the Cold War, military scientists were commissioned by the US government to implement the β€œSon of the Devil” protocol, over 1,000 soldiers were marooned on Mount Denali for 1 year with supplies barely lasting 3 weeks.
  • At the end of the year, only 3 soldiers survived and Tiger was not among them, no, his body was created part by part in different secret laboratories; of these 3 survivors the dominant genes were taken and inserted into the sleeping body, to prevent Tiger from being captured and speaking, they deprived him of his vocal cords.
  • His only ways of communication are sign language and morse code that in turn, if Tiger tried to leak any information he would suffer a muscular paralysis and immediate cessation of brain activity.

01_Bronze Challenging Gaze
provokes enemies by drawing their fire on him.
[Challenging Gaze] increases the damage of the first enemy closest to the hero by 50%, while other enemies have their damage reduced by 75% against allies.

  • the duration of the Provocation increases by 0.1sec for each level

02_Silver Apocalyptic Fist
hurl a devastating punch at the target enemy that causes damage equal to the health possessed by the hero.

  • if he has extra Health, he will also cause elemental damage.
  • [Apocalyptic Fist] consumes 75% of the hero’s health and all of his extra health

03_Gold Clockwork Bomb
The more damage he takes, the more power he gains.
The hero regains health whenever he takes weapon damage and extra health when he takes damage from active skills.

  • [Clockwork Bomb] ceases momentarily when the hero is stunned, also losing all accumulated health.

04_Plat Son of the Devil
The hero responds to stun, stagger and disorientation by recharging 10% of [Apocalyptic Fist].

05_Ruby Tanked Up

The appearance closely resembles a man of medium height, with dark skin, brown eyes and bleached blond hair.
Since each part of the body was created in separate laboratories and with DNA from different origins, it is difficult to define a true nationality.
His clothing is very simple, he wears an open breasted bulletproof vest, black tactical pants, black boots and black fingerless tactical gloves.

His Weapon: 12K
Is a semi-automatic shotgun.
it has a very high rate of fire, the accuracy of the bullet rose is very vacuous, the damage is very low and the reloading is quite fast.

It’s called 12k because that is the total damage it can do.
Tiger has a weapon only because he has to, otherwise he would go quietly taking down tanks with his bare hands.

Class: Shotgun
Shooting Rate: 2.00 round / sec
Ammunition Capacity: 6
Damage: Very Low

All icons are taken from the FanKit and around the Forum… yeah
Image source: https://www.wapenhandelpodevijn.be/images/productimages/big/saiga-kc-c2.jpg


Silver Skill:
Is it like if he has 1MILLION health,
He will deal 1 MILLION damage??
That’s insane even if 750k is consumed

the way I thought of it, you won’t be able to use it more than 1 maybe 2 times per round, you have to choose your target carefully.

If this comes true, nobody will be happier than me.
At least anyone in response of serial.

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