New Hero Concept: Leeu - The Lion With the Steel Fist

Element: Void Icon_ElementVoid
Faction: KLG Black Ops KLGBlackOps
Position: Frontline

Hp 4/5
Armor 4/5
Damage 2/5
Skills 3.5/5

I was the most feared of the fighters, everyone knew that a match against me was suicide, let alone betting on a defeat.
I’d been getting by for years and was making… let’s say a ‘good living’, until a man came along.
He was nothing special, but what marked me the most were his eyes, green, full of hate and fear. I could never get them out of my mind.
From what I remember, he won by a knockout, leaving me for dead… I don’t know if they had a bet, but they must have made a lot of money…
I was abandoned by the few “fans” I had, the goons took liberties in their own interests and ruined me even more… and at that point I thought it was over.
I don’t know what the KLG saw in me but they took me in, gave me a new body and a new job.
And yes… I’m still looking for that man, I don’t know whether to thank him or smash his face in, but we’ll definitely have a rematch.

Revengeful - Disruptor - Self Healer - Long Term Effects

  • Born in the slums of South Africa to an extremely poor family, Leeu grew up with the rules of the street, stealing and killing for hunger.
  • He was soon noticed by the local mafia and put to fight in clandestine fights to death for a shred of dignity.
  • After an unfortunate encounter, he was recruited by the KLG who gave him a new body and a new job.

01_Bronze End of Games
Shoots a continuous laser at the target causing Icon_ElementVoid damage per sec and using up its skill energy to recover health.

  • The laser lasts 4 sec and can consume up to 20% of each skill.
  • The laser blocks the current use of the enemy skill.

02_Silver Bullet Scavager
Fires a special bullet that can cause stun, disorientation or silence for 10sec.
The bullet can split and bounce off nearby enemies causing the same effects but for less time.

  • The more bullets bounce -1 seconds the effects will last.

03_Gold Protoblast Batteries
Accumulates power while taking damage.
When the counter reaches 100%, increases damage from projectiles and skills by 100%.

  • Weapon damage persists for the current magazine, while skill damage is single use.
  • If he receives external healing, the counter will be reset.

04_Plat Synthesis
Absorbs 30% of astral Icon_ElementAstral damage to recover health or charge skills faster and vice versa.

05_Ruby Tanked Up

a cybernetically enhanced middle-aged South African man.
Dark skin, short curly black hair.
Half of his body replaced by robotic parts including his right shoulder and arm, both legs, left hand and right eye.
All robotic parts are silvery with dark purple details, joints are black, cybernetic eye is bright orange/red.
He wears military green cargo trousers and a black leather waistcoat.
He has tattooed lines on his left shoulder and several scars scattered around his body.

His Weapon: Viper Z3 (carabine)
a small-calibre carbine with a medium rate of fire, 16 rounds, quick reload but low damage.
He holds it only with his left hand.

Class: Carabine
Shooting Rate: 7.18
Ammunition Capacity: 16
Reload Speed: 1.05 sec
Damage: Low

All icons are taken from around the forum


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