New Hero Idea: Scalpel the Combat Surgeon

Faction: KLG Black Ops
Element: Energy Weapon: Gamma ray pistols
"Well, look what patients the wind blew in. Would you like me to begin the operation?"
Description: A disgruntled military surgeon. Aids his allies with his powerful heals and disrupts enemies with his debuffs.
Stat Overview: Med damage, med health, low armor
Bronze: Operating Table - Channeled -Continuously heals x% of max hp and removes all status debuffs from the target ally for x seconds. If any debuffs were removed, this hero gains x bonus damage for each. % healed per second is doubled if hero is below half max hp
Silver: Surgical Strike: Strikes the target with a precise slash, dealing damage. The target is under intense pain, and has its damage reduced, and if any of their skills are activated (including their gold), they take damage and this skill’s duration is refreshed.
Gold: Anaesthetic: If an ally below 50% hp takes damage, they have an x% chance to gain the Anaesthetic debuff for 10 seconds. An ally with this buff has all damage taken delayed until it wears off and improves all healing received by x%. Cannot trigger on shielded allies, and cannot trigger more than once per minute.
Platinum: Sensory Link: Each time this hero damages an enemy, they have a chance to inflict the Sensory Link debuff for 10 seconds. A hero afflicted with this debuff is heal-blocked, and x% of any damage they receive is also dealt to a random enemy. Allies attacking the affected enemy are healed by 30% of the damage dealt. Multiple procs on the same target refresh the duration
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