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why doesn’t HH developers announce a specific date and time for the roll out of new updates, hate having to keep checking to see if the update is out yet!

P.S. I know this is trivial, but it is a pet peeve!

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All updates have to go through Apple and Google for approval. We submit the updates when they’re ready, such that barring any huge issues on the platform’s end, they’ll be approved and come out on a particular day. Depending on how many submissions are in the queue, workload on Apple and Google’s end, and a number of other external factors, updates are released when the platforms have approved them.

Things can happen that delay an update, so any date we give you would be an estimate. Approval times are out of our control, and it can take time for updates to populate across platforms once they are released. It’s never intentional.

We would rather surprise you with an update on the week we scheduled it to happen than enrage you with a date that we can’t possibly guarantee.

The common argument players offer when we say this is that we should submit further in advance so that we can have those updates baked and ready, and nobody has to wait. Unfortunately, due to how long it takes to develop FREE monthly updates for our games, we’re already submitting as early as possible. We’ve explored many different options over the fifteen years or so we’ve been in business, and have found this cadence to be the best approach that causes the least ire.




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