New war hero planned?

Just asking, will we ever have a new war 7star hero to work towards? Or a new one in general?
Also, so anything to freshen up war. Ideas:
1 v1.
2. No alliance truces so make everyone hidden so no truces can be set up.
3. Make conquering tiles worth even more so the team that just is on at start or
uses the surprise attack doesnt control map from beginning.
Anything would be a nice change up.
Also, i might be in the minority but i liked pvp draft :slight_smile:


Hey hey!

Thank you for the suggestions!

No spoilers but there may or may not be a surprise in war soon in regards to your initial question.


Would love a new 7 star hero, but not yet. I’m sooo close to unlocking Fiber.
Seriously, though… this sounds exciting

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