Idea for 7 Star Hero Shards

I haven’t been playing this game long…I was just wondering if there was a way for non Vip players to get certain 7 star heroes. So far, I’ve gotten 10 Fiber shards… that’s it for 7 star heroes. This was due to amazing teammates that carried me through an alliance war when I could at best get 50% success against the Kurtz teams

I know Serial and Fiber are only available from Alliance Wars. People may have plenty of complaints about that, so I’ll drop any criticisms here.

I was wondering if it seems feasible to get random 7 star hero shards, including Fiber and Serial or Kurtz.
Ideas could include a new daily quest that offers 3 shards, replacing Kaishi as the daily quest hero, a war store option to purchase these 7 star shards with war coins, or something else.

I’m just wondering if it is feasible to devise a system to earn or purchase the 7 star meta heroes, mainly Kurtz, Serial or Fiber, that doesn’t rely solely on winning alliance wars, rather, on individual effort

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One way of getting them is to get lucky with a Most Wanted Crate. But the drop rates are not good.
I’d suggest save your hero crate tokens and go for the open 10, you get better chances at getting good heroes.

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Thanks for responding. I’m still relatively new so I didn’t know Serial and Fiber were in the most wanted crate. Right now I’m only Rookie Tier. This places the burden on my alliance to get me rare shards and heroes. I was hoping that, perhaps, there is a feature (or could be) where we could rely solely on our own playing to get a chance at the metas that aren’t in hero crate, like Serial, Fiber, Kurtz (odds so low I’m listing him here), and I guess Quasary.

Maybe a most wanted solo raid, rotating weekly or monthly between characters we can’t otherwise get.

Maybe a concept of a weekly or monthly mission, for chances at rarer heroes or shards.

I love this game. It’s fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. I’m just wondering about ways to incentive newbs like me to keep playing by dangling a juicy prize in front of us without disrespecting the veterans too much. Sometimes it’s disconcerting when we get reminders just how weak we are. The latest Co-op tournament is a good example.

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