Note about iOS Compatibility

In order to provide the best experience possible for our players, it’s necessary to make periodic upgrades to the various services our games utilize. Occasionally, this can cause older devices and operating systems to no longer be able to access the game service.

Starting in the upcoming 3.2 update, Hero Hunters will no longer support iOS 9. This means that if you’re currently playing on a device that has not updated to a more recent version of iOS, you will no longer be able to access the game.

To prevent this, you can update to a more recent version of iOS if your device supports it. If you need to transfer your account to another device, be sure to protect your account by backing it up to Facebook. Go to your profile and tap Support to view FAQs that can help you with this process, and tap Contact Us if you have any questions.

NOTE: iOS 9 is an OPERATING SYSTEM, not your PHONE MODEL. An iPhone 6 is not an iOS 9. It’s an iPhone 6, likely running iOS 13. THIS DOES NOT AFFECT ANDROID DEVICES. Read carefully and don’t get confused!


Lotsa caps, at least very good to hear some improvements being made

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does anyone know when the iOS update is coming out?