Panzer Legendary Skin Concept

I made this legendary skin idea mostly to fix clean sweep. Even with the rework it feels underwhelming, and breaks her character archetype as a heavy burst damage fighter.

Skin name: Prototype
If we are allowed to make references to other games, then here is mine. Based off of Protoman from Megaman 3, with a red color scheme and grey trim, yellow scarf, and shades. She gains a single arm cannon in exchange for her helmet and shoulder cannons.

Legendary Skin Ability: Wipe Out (Silver)
Shoot a single shot at one target, doing modest mech damage. While outnumbered, it does more (about equal) mech damage for each enemy still standing.

For instance, panzer aims at a nightingale who is supporting 4 other heroes. The blast does 50k compared to 10k if shes the last one left.
This is really going to help with boss assassinations if your party is getting overwhelmed, since if they are supported by 15+ fodder units, it does about 15X damage.
Or in pvp if shes fighting alone, she can take out a single hero easier, evening the odds and staying true to the “fighting well while outnumbered” gimmick.

Any and all feedback helps, thanks.

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Going by what you described, you might not have been here when Panzer was first released. She was overpowered as hell with her Breach and Clear bronze skill alone. Killing any rear line Energy hero within the first three seconds of the PVP match because when first released, Breach and Clear started at 100%. I’m not sure if the posts are still up but there are people with screen shots of a Plat Panzer taking on an entire Plat team with a power rating four times greater than the solo Plat Panzer, and she won.

I say this because your idea kind of sounds like it’d be heading down this road again. Also sounds like you’d like to have a second Breach and Clear.

But to add my two cents, taking your idea I would instead divide the damage of your Wipe Out and split it up equally between Neutral and Mech damage, since Breach and Clear is already an all Mech damage skill, allowing more damaged to be passed on to Chem heroes this way and not be as devastating to Energy. And as for the second half of the skill where the damage is increased by 100% per enemy out numbering her team- That’s a bit over kill.

While I don’t play PVP religiously like others here playing the game, I do try to think of balance in PVP terms. If this game was PVE alone, I’d say go for it. Unfortunately it’s not. So with that said, To make that a bit more fair, I’d propose instead of a damage boost of 100% per enemy outnumbering you, it might be changed to “Damage output is increased by 25% for each enemy outnumbering your team, to a maximum of 100%”

I put a limit on because I do like running pet class heroes, Like Halloway and Hivemind. And by their nature, they are meant to swarm over the other team. So even if it’s a 5v5 with a pet class on the opposing team, you’ll get out numbered soon, powering up both this suggested Silver skill and her Gold.’

But that’s my take on it. Feel free to critique my take and recommendations on the skill. I did it for several paragraphs and deserve just as much.

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Sorry i didnt get to answer right away, but you are absolutely correct, haha… I havent been playing since she was released so i dont know any of her previous problems. I also agree on the split its damage into mech and normal and i should tone it down so it has diminishing returns on its multiplier so it doesnt get too out of hand. The way she works now with the pellet system might place her above dogface, so she doesn’t need anymore insane buffs.