Hero Idea to counter Panzer etc

We have a mech pvp and alot of heros dont need timing to use so thought of this one

Bio type

Bronze skill. Weapon Jam - Jams opponent weapon denoting all remain ammo weapon has as damage. Well timed skill just before Panzer Dogface uses main skills would be a great counter.

Silver Skill. Bubble Covers hero in an aborbing shield healing Hero instead of damaging them.

Gold Skill. Weapon Damage Now Causes Stun and damage increased

Platium Skill Bubble now reflects heal to random allie

Think something like this needs skill and timing to maximize effect

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I like the idea, Min was meant to be a dogface panzer counter, but she’s energy.
So yea.

Min can do this and she is good at it but the player who’s controlling her has to know when these two heroes are going to use there skills. It’s actually quite funny to watch Panzer reload than you take her reload and she has to reload again.

Yes min can force a reset but this detonates the remaining ammo as damage so wait till Panzer fully reloaded to detonate does more damage than empty mag.

And as above is bio so hard for panzer to kill at start of pvp would need Nightingale etc. But that can be dealt with by a number of heros shield at start extra hp or boost to armour.

The real problem with a hero like this, and Min as well who can be a very good counter to both Dog and Panzer already, is that for them to really be effective you have to manually pilot them to make sure their skills are used in a timely fashion and on the right target. And if you are piloting Min, then you AREN’T piloting your own Panzer or Dogface which is a huge disadvantage.

Thats why I want a Bio Hero.

They do good damage against Mech and that along counters Panzer and dogface as it would force you to deal with this new hero to then use Panzer and dogfave or risk them using the skills to counter panzers and dogface attack. So to Counter the Bio you would need say MIN to reset the skill timers allowing Panzer to fire of Skill etc without risk of taking a hit from the bio Hero.

Just force you to mix the squad up less Heals and Counters to Two of the op heros in game. Tat combined with a hero yoy need to have some skill and timing maybe patience to use as it not a skill charged lets use hero. It a wait till mag full then use etc

So basically a reworked halo and min combined with hecklers gold skill? We need this as it counters multiple heroes not just the two banes of most hero hunters. Baron, yanlong, plalanx… i could do with this myself but for now we will have to stick with min for now.

Yeah basically but requires some skill and timing maybe patience to use