Please help with 5-3 extreme

Does anyone have any tips or lineups to help me out?

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I think u want help for 3.5 extreme

i need help for 4-2…i die in 2nd wave

i think you’re wrong


Screenshot_20200901_220636 Me after realizing I am still stuck at 1-3 extreme & others r doing 5-3


does anyone have any real suggestions? i’m bamboozled

@mikejones plz send screenshots of the Bosses in the mission along with your Hero’s tab screenshot

so… i beat 5-3 without your help. do you have suggestions for 5-4?

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:joy::joy::joy:dude… You are soo ahead of us in extreme.

can i see your hero’s cant beat 1-1 :joy: :joy:

anyone get to 5-5 yet?


How come you don’t want to show us your hero’s or your username?

im not stupid. people can steal my account with that information

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There is no way to access someone else’s account with only Hero names and the Team Name on the account. Hothead doesn’t have the ability to remotely provide team access, so if someone did come to us with that and asked to recover the account, we wouldn’t be able to help them. And if we could, we would need a lot more info than that to do a manual recovery. Which we can’t.

So, rest easy! So long as you’ve protected your account by backing it up through one of our recovery methods, you’re safe. Nobody can get to your account but you.


What teams you use for 5-1 and 5-2?

5-6 seems ridiculously hard. anyone have any suggestions?

Dude…can u stop doing extreme? I am gonna mad… U’re doing it soo fast

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Not sure y no one is actually posting the heroes they used?? I’m stuck at 4-4 ext. that second wave gets me in seconds. Anyone have ideas for real ?


u can just scribble over ur name or crop it out, simple as that. Without pics of ur heroes then, sorry to say, nobody can really help u here…