Extreme 4-4 Help?

Has anyone successfully beat 4-4 and beyond? If so- what was your hero load out and level?

I tried this load out but get crushed at 2nd part.

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drop beck. dont know which level 4-4 is but i know beck ain’t it

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Beck change with Krieger

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Which heroes did you use? I’m stuck there aswell. Tried a few teams but no luck.

4-4 lol…I’m still trying not to get crushed on 3-10!

Just beat it a few days ago, using serial, panzer, jackal, venom, and Lancer. Played as serial, switched to panzer on first wave, second wave switched to jackal staying in lancers grenade cover, third wave switched to serial to take out Clyde. All ruby at level 97.
On a side note, I’d like to know what teams were used on 4-5 extreme. The 3rd wave can’t even hardly get a shot off before the gorgan dude kills you. 🤷🏼

I went and played it again… panzer really helps the second wave.

Nice work!Thanks for the advice. My panzer, venmo, and jackal are only 4* plat right now.

Serial, duran, phalanx, francoise and Heimlock. Second wave aim Marlowe first, kill her before Kurtz comes out and then kill Kurtz. Third wave no secret, kill gorgon. First wave get rid off Oro first

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