Please release the hero hunters on PC

Deca games,Please release the hero hunters on PC! Please!!!

@reynard you mean Steam right?

@Hack I don’t think DECA is that small. Aside from that, I’ve started another game, it’s the publisher’s only one so far, and it’s on Steam.

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@Checkpoint ,
While I didn’t think the company size was the point of contention from my post, I’ll address it. DECA is a self described Indie publisher based in Germany with an estimated 50-250 employees (LinkedIn) or roughly 900 employees (Wikipedia) from the information I can find. By EU standards, they may be considered a medium or large enterprise. Typically, in the US, they would be classified as a SME with fewer than 1000 employees (Verizon DBIR). I’ll concede they are not “small”. That’s not the crux of my argument, however. Using “small” as a perfunctory term, I’m simply trying to imply this is not a massive company with massive resources to burn, meaning massive endeavors like entering a new marketspace are not decisions made lightly. TLDR

While I didn’t intend to do this much research to state my opinion on why I believe asking for this is a fruitless endeavor, I have now done so. I await your rebuttal. My only point is that the mobile game has a relatively dedicated playerbase, but not a particularly large one anymore. I’m basing this anecdotally in the supposed number of people and alliances that compete in events. To me, as a developer myself, I believe rereleasing this F2P game with no guaranteed revenues on PC, such as Steam, would be wasted efforts for uncertain rewards. It would double the maintenance efforts for this IP, minimum, and focus efforts away from their other projects.

Can they release for PC…sure? Should they? I think not. It’s a massive undertaking and woefully uncertain. Granted, this is my opinion, but I believe their efforts may be better spent lowering player attrition rates. Also…kudos for plugging your own game. If you name it, I’ll check it out


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