What happens tô te DECA?

It’s been almost 1 year from DECA so far only 1 significant game change!! Until this moment I ONLY say ONLY 3 updates…many delays…bugs have increased… so far I only see excuses without understanding events with total disorganization, abandonment and silence towards the game and worse for us players too!!! When will you give necessary and true attention to the game and to us players.


Sadly this is true, I think, personal opinion, Hero Hunters just isn’t as much of a priority anymore to them, but the good thing is they have stuck around and are still here, hot head just sold this game of to the highest bidder, banned everyone for no reason, and never cared much about us, deca is the oposite, although it seems we are sacrificing consistent updates for a voice that they listen too,

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We don’t need a new hero every update, just content

Content could be new pvp arenas, revamping old heros, and much more! Bug fixes, new skins, new maps, and even changing rubbies, (cough cough give hideo doing damage, cough) whatever they do, we are still here for them because they are still here for us,


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