Portraits disappear in team roster menu

Hi guys first off really well done thus far the game is awesome! Apart from that it’s the first title I’ve tried that my old S6 can’t run on high without framing(getting a new phone this weekend :smiley: ).

So to get to the point:

When I’m in the team roster selection screen the portraits that I remove from the current line up list sometimes float about the screen(on top of the deselected portraits) and also totally disappear from the frame.

I usually sort it out by:

  1. selecting different options on the line position select until they show up with the refresh of the frame;
  2. Click the Back button and enter the hero selection screen again.

Btw why has the game not yet prompted me for a Play store review yet? I think it’s been around 2 weeks that I’ve been playing now.

Hey @Lomek666!

Thanks for the report here :slight_smile: We are aware of this issue and are working on it.

As for review prompt… good question! You can head to the store and leave us a review on your own if you’d like! Every little helps! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :pray:

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Sup @Howitzer :metal:t2:

Good to hear dude you guys rock!!


Thanks for laughs at the end of the work day, I’ll be sure to manually give my 2c :nerd_face::joy:

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