Team Creation Screen re-work

I have some ideas for the team creation/selection screen for all game modes:

  • Add additional filtering, not just for front/mid/rear. Include element at the very least.
  • Allow the creation of “pre-set” teams.
  • The ability to “favorite” characters and only show them/not show them as a filter.

It would also be nice to have similar features on the Heroes tab. Filter by type, faction, stars, level, rank, if upgrades are available, etc.


Very nice idea, maybe they should add favourite teams too

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I would absolutely LOVE a pre-set team option. Especially for bounties. It’s so annoying having to constantly switch teams in bounties based on the level and elemental bounty you are hunting. This would at least help speed things up a bit, and be a nice addition for different teams based on which co-op raid you were playing.


@JPTheFarmer, Bravo Sir. Absolutely agree with you.

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Nice ideas. Hope they get implemented.

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Couldn’t agree more :+1::+1::+1:

Totally agree, i sometimes get lost between my heroes and this would fix aloooot

this has already been proposed there is more than one now but nothing is done what interests me today is but where is the new hero lol

I have been bringing this up since the beginning on the Heroes tab. It’s very simple programming. I don’t know if people don’t want it or they just don’t listen. It’s very annoying that you cannot separate out with more options.

When can you have it coded, submitted, and ready for QA by?

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Are you offering me a job?

Oh, no. Why would I offer you a paying position for something so simple? If you can just code it, that would be great. Shouldn’t take long. It’s simple.

Just because something is simple doesn’t mean it isn’t time intensive. If you would like to contract me and my company, we would be happy to help you out. Just let me know and we can try to work out a contract to get it done.

“If something seems simple or easy and it hasn’t been done yet…”


Thanks for making my point :slight_smile:


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