Profile Stats Update Idea

It would be nice to have a updated profile stat list. Where we can see our PVP percentage rate for wins and losses, our highest bounty scores, our individual total war point contributions, etc.

What do you all think?


I think it would be kinda interesting, just imo that would feel somehow weird for this game… just my opinion.

Yeah that’s true. Thanks for reading and replying!!

I agree. This would be a nice qol change, and maybe make it easier to see what to upgrade.

I‘m sure there is a google document, showing what is needed to upgrade a hero. Aswell a (a bit older) PvP guide… don‘t have the links though

I mean like mech/bio/energy… or like which areas of the game, such as war, pvp, or bounty, and then, using the stats, upgrade and work on getting better at pvp, for example