Things that I'd love to see in future updates

  • Some endgame content. I know we have the heronium store, but I’m actually talking about challenging gameplay content, not a store. The last time I had some trouble (not counting PvP, obviously) was with chapter 10 addition. I recently played dojo 55 in my brother’s account and it was SO exciting and hard. I can’t remember the last time I had to manually play a raid in my account.

  • A rework of Gorgon raids and Gauntlet. Gorgon is a pain to do, because it is REALLY easy, but autoing takes too long since heroes aim at the armor plates, not the core, so they end wasting a lot of bullets making it longer than needed. A similar thing happens with Gauntlet. Its quite easy, once you have a bunch of supports and it went from a challenge to a tedious mechanic where I can’t use my phone for around 10 mins, while having to tap every now and then.

  • More raids like Razordome. You created an interesting raid with changing mechanics, where you had to adapt your team for every battle. The only problem was, my first point. The players at the end of the game could clear the whole Razordome with the same team, so maybe adding a last stage that you clear repeatedly, with random enemies (chosen from the previous stages) scaling to your power would be good. The rewards could be just bucks, if you don’t want to reward too many frags with a single raid.

  • PvP matchmaking being solved once and for all. Just want to point that creating a 3 man brawl and not punishing unbalanced teams like the 5vs5 PvP seems a bit unfair. I’ve faced too many plat 10* Maven with 5* heroes in this last brawl, and they were paired against me with similar power. The result was that Maven killed someone in the first 10 secs.
    People with underleveled heroes are still abusing matchmaking. Since their hero level is low, they don’t need to level up useless skills, and get paired against weaker enemies. Which brings me to my next point

  • Making all skills useful and worth leveling. I know that not every single skill can be as useful as Mandrake’s gold (I name this as an example. With the changes to marked/invisible and the addition of Ifrit, I personally think Mandrake’s gold is just a bit above average), but we have skills which damage increase per level is a joke, and skills that are outright useless, like the infamous Gammond’s gold or Cross’ bronze (one of the hardest skills to land, and even if it lands its damage is not that great)
    I know asking for this while we are in the middle of Role Warfare may be pointless, since it’s a given this is going to happen. But, while I’m a huge defender of nerfing strong characters (like old Panzer), I believe we also need buffs to some useless heroes that are not used at all, like Castellan or Steele, for example. Buffing unused heroes creates more team variety, which livens up the game, in general.

  • A change to how bounties work. Maybe it’s just me, but this event feels boring and demanding. The rewards from milestones can be easily obtained, even more with the way bounties work recently, where a whole faction is featured instead of just two heroes. And once you have obtained the milestones, there is no real incentive to play anymore. The amount of time invested into achieving the next rank could be used on PvP to get like double the rewards.
    Just take a look at some of the rewards. The most demanding event in the whole game, that only happens once every two weeks, and I can get 15 bronze exp booster from one of the milestones.

  • A rework of gold crates Now that you have solved the accidental purchases, the amount of these crates that people buy should have been reduced to almost none (I’m just guessing here, maybe people actually buy them). A crate that cost gold and has almost 20% to reward exp is a bad deal, in my opinion.

  • A price change for the black market frags I get it. You could use those 10/30 frags to unlock a hero you haven’t unlocked yet. But I’d rather use that gold to buy hero crates and a chance to unlock said hero. I believe these prices are abusive and only new players who don’t know the real worth of these offers may buy them.

  • My last, and most important request… could we get a different formula for max stamina? Currently is 49 + team level. I would suggest 50 + team level. It REALLY bugs me to see 119/119 instead of 120/120.


  • I almost forgot this one. Lore! I’m a person that loves a good story, and knowing the background of the heroes make me feel more involved with the HH universe. Just like Panzer was released with a video explaining her past, I would like to know something about the different factions, heroes, etc.
    Why is Heimlock a disgraced combat medic? What did he do?
    Who is the leader of each faction? So far I only know that Razorback is the leader of the Morlocks
    All the event raids of the Patriot’s month came with some lore, talking about how they wouldn’t stop to achieve their dream to rebuild their old country, etc. It made me feel really involved with the Patriots.
    The UAF and Morlocks raids only have some generic “Use X heroes to overcome this challenge” info, which kinda takes some appeal out of these events.

Thanks for reading, and remember all these are the things I personally would love to see, so feel free to comment anything you disagree with or any other thing you would like to change.


Great post @GTSaiko I agree with all the above (I absolutely don’t agree with the cover dmg nerf of Panzer).

From my view I would add in addition:

  • Bring power back to the game: Increase the number of strong DPS heros, buff damage on old nearly unused heros and ad some really powerful new. The neverending PvP matches with higher health/Healing/reviving is making a lot people not play any longer. Only 3000 players got to the easy rankings (Division 1) this last PvP event, it was 7000 players who made the ranking the prior event, should send out a BIG RED FLAG for the latest changes in the game.

  • Reduce the gametime on PvP matches or Increase the PvP gem reward for each match accordingly. I will assume most players have seen a significant drop in Fragments/Heronium since the August update, this is making the game progress a lot slower and there is so many Heros to build up. The exception might be those constantly min/max playing by under develop certain Heros to win fast.

  • Bounty: Increase the damage multiplier for bonus heros and try to build factions which include heros from all elements so we avoid ending up with 1 or 2 Bounty types filling the 25 bounty list and no one will focus on. This ongoing Bounty has been the most boring so far with less high damage hitters available than normal.

PS: We STRONGLY need to know where this is heading, we spend a LOT of time and money to build up our strategy and Heros to what is working well, then suddenly all changes and we have wasted our time an money. This bullshit (pardon my Frensh) started with the nerf of Gammon 3-4 months ago, now Gammon is hiding in the closet to afraid to come out to meet other LvL70 10 star platinum Heros.

This game should be about “Shoot to kill”, not “outsurvive the opponent until time runs out” or killing him of boredom. Make sure you test any changes on both a low lvl 10-20k matches, mid level 30-40k matches and high max lvl 50-75k matches as the game and matches are really different between these levels


I agree! There are some that i worked on and they’re nerfed now, feels useless to invest in a player, now. Smh

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@GTSaiko and @Nailfox

Great posts, as always guys. I wanted to reinforce what GT said about Bounty being lackluster with weak rewards. As mentioned, Bounty is the big PVE event, it only happens once every 2 weeks. It seems the rewards should be more substantial. I can pvp for three hours in a blitz twice a week and come back in 2 days and still win 300 gold and some extras for each pvp event or I can dump hours over 4 days into Bounty for a few frags and some low level tier rewards. I’ve been asking all along to make rewards for pve more lucrative. Not everyone enjoys pvp as much, but must endure it to get frags, gold, heronium and skin tokens; the last 2 can only be obtained in pvp.


Not to make this pure bounty, @GTSaiko, I agree with 95%~(always keep something up to argue :kissing_heart:) but I’ve been saying this for a few months now, bounty needs better rewards, m4rc a top 3 alliance dropped down to top 25 because they noticed it’s not worth logging in.

We’re top 50, but I wouldn’t care if we reduced 8 hours a person to hit top 100, maybe even top 200, bounty isn’t fun, it’s just an endless task to force everyone to hate this game.

These numbers don’t lie, 1 day left and 30k milestone is the last one, next bounty will be even more, we need rewards to make bounty useful again, instead of a anoying chore


So I made this post in another thread about things that needs fixing. It’s about how most of the black marked pricing is totally wacko and should be fixed.

Not much to say after @GTSaiko and @Nailfox posts. I just want to share my own Point of view.

Bounty: This pops up every time around the bounty event and the community has given many ideas how to improve the raid, but nothing happened. I know they read it all, but there should really be a comment by a dev on this issue. They could test two or three different reward systems and afterwards let us decide what we liked most. The only fun thing at this weekend is to see how Maven destroys mech bountys. But this gets boring quite fast too. Most of the raids I just auto to make some damage and reach the ally goal.

PvP: I like the longer matches. A match without Irfit take about one or one and a half minutes, which is a good length. May give a winning Bonus, so that the winner gets 50% extra gems, making it 30 per kill, while the loser still gets his 20. Or a Bonus if you play many matches. 100 Bonus gems for 10 played or won matches. 300 for 20, 1000 if you played 50 (the numbers are just examples).
More usefull heroes would be great. It would help if there wouldn´t be one OP hero very month, which makes one out of three or four team builds necassary. But buffs are needed badly. Many skills don´t even need a Change, just lower the cooldowns. Hecklers energy rockets for example do good damage and always hitting the weakest enemy is interesting. But it has a 40(?) second charge. You can only use it once in a match. Lower the cooldown belo 30 seconds so you can use it twice or three times. Same with Ghouls or Bolts skills.

End game Content: We need that. With the update PvE got even more easy. District 10 on hardmode was a challenge for me before. Afterwards I autot through it with 3* wins at first try. The only challenging raids are the Faction raids, because you may need to use some underdeveloped heroes.


Just wanted to say thanks for all the suggestions here!

We all really appreciate all of them! :slight_smile:

Also, Hi! :wave:


1-As always my ultimate demand give us new maps.Lol

2-Bringing one character every month is very good
And bring more than one hero in the future updates
more heroes more fun

3-And i wish to see that the heroes are more modifiable in the future updates

  • The skin is an amazing thing to add
  • I really wish that heroes has set of weapons to pick and play with
  • each heroes has set of weapons that is distinct from another heroe and specified for each hero like
    *Bolt ( have set of arrow shooting weapons) differ in rarerity and functions
    *Prophet ( set of sniping gun )
  • Like skins it can have(common . Rare. Legendary ) weapons
  • Plz consider adding weapons section in the future updates it will be hard i know but will be very very amazing add to the game

4- add more acheivments that is related to the game play
And to increase the diversity in the game especially in pvp add set of achievments related to each hero for example :
head shot kill with bolt
10 headshots by bolt in a single game
100 critical hit with bolt in total

Cause i think achievment panel is alittle bit rusty and need complete rework

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I read it somewhere before, but I forgot in which thread this was.

It would be great if you get a bonus for playing with heroes of the same Faction. For example if you play with two Patriots they both get a 3% stat bonus. If you play with three ist would be 4% and with 5 10%.
That would make more heroes usefull instantly. Hideo is a B-class damage dealer. But if he is inclluded in a team with two other KLG Irregularsand get a stat bonus, he would be A class.
I am aware that it needs to be really thought through and balanced, because Morlocks would be OP if you play Irfit, Maven; Razor, Heimlock and Ghoul/Callidus and get a big bonus to their stats. But this or something simmilar would make team buliding more interesting and would give you more possibilities.


I think that was me, in the “Wesson” thread. Definitely love to see more faction synergy. It could shake the meta up I think.

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I don’t know that your all Morlock team would be OP. You get two top notch healers that would get an even bigger boost and while Maven and Razor are good PvP options, they aren’t amazing. You’d lack the games two best DPS heroes (Panzer and Dog) or shielding in that team.

It’d be interesting to see what that squad would do against a UAF team (assuming you would have to put UAF and UAF Airborne together to get enough heroes to fill a squad). Panzer, Nightingale, Hivemind, Butters, and Oracle would give a little bit of everything: top notch DPS, healing, shielding, and support. My guess is that Panzer bursts down Maven right off the jump leaving very little DPS on that Morlock team. And killing Panzer would be tough until you cleared out Gale which would be it’s own challenge with element advantages in place.

It would, dare I say, be fun? Heck, a brawl event that requires that your team be made up of all the same faction would be awesome even with no bonuses. It just means that once you put a hero into your loadout, all other options for the remaining four slots wouldn’t be selectable except for faction mates. Maybe one particular faction would end up being OP but I doubt it would anywhere near as oppressive as the current meta. HHG, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Some faction synergy would be great, to be honest. Out of these events where we have restricted teams, factions serve no purpose at all. Reworking some of the useless skills to add faction based bonuses could shake the teambuilding.

One thing I’d like to see is the drop rates for equipment in quick wins changed a bit. 600 stamina to get 11 things I need and about a thousand exp that I don’t need since all my hero’s are level 70. The drop rates are out of control. You’ll get the equip you need at about a whopping 7-8%. That’s just ridiculous


Loved every point
Great feedback and fully support it

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