PVD Tyranny of this game

You’re blowing things out of proportion. It isn’t as bad as you think it is. It isn’t tyranny. You’re not being oppressed. Hothead isn’t some big bad corporate entity out to silence anyone that disagrees with them.

The main issues seem to be that you’re confused on how to conduct yourself here, what is okay and what isn’t, WHY it is or isn’t okay, and when there’s ACTUAL injustice.

Before you read the rest of this, I really want you to read the FAQ/Forum Rules, thoroughly. It should clear up A LOT, and it’ll explain to you what kind of behavior is acceptable and why certain posts and comments get criticized, flagged, or closed. To find it, click the icon with three lines (should be at the top right of the screen), then click “FAQ”.

99% of the time, the reason anything is posted on the forums is for the betterment of the game. In fact, the forums exist for the betterment of the game. Posts won’t always be positive, and they won’t always agree with something; but as long as posts are made in a way that allows ideas and solutions to circulate, or to otherwise allow the conversation to grow (without going off-topic), and as long as people are respectful to each other and don’t resort to things like insulting each other directly, it’s alright.

Posts that instead have the goal of simply bringing the game or others down are what I call negative posts, and are more likely to be flagged and criticized. You can disagree; people disagree all the time, take a look at ANY of the comments in ANY of the Update Notes posts and you’ll find someone that disagrees with a change made (including me!).

You raised some good points, but those comments you wrote in the Appreciation Post were flagged and criticized for several reasons: not only were they negative, your claims of tyranny and oppression were outlandish, and they were technically off-topic. If you dropped all the claims of tyranny and speech oppression and had a goal of improving the game instead of bringing others down, it would have been better off as its own topic.

Like I said at the beginning, it’s not as bad as you think. You kept going on and on about tyranny, speech oppression, and that simply isn’t the case. Humans have a tendency to perceive things as being worse than they really are. Again, please read the FAQ if you haven’t done so already, it’ll clear up a lot. Also, here’s a post of mine from that other thread:

Now, going back to the picture of your private conversation with Muninn (keyword: private. This topic will probably be closed since you were negative from the start, but posting that picture could also be part of the reason why): his first post (the one in the yellow background) I completely agree with. There’s nothing for me to add there.

As for his second post, I think Muninn could have been a little nicer about it, but he has a point. You were breaking the rules because you were off-topic and you were attacking others. However, I think you DO contribute to the forum. Ignoring the oppression stuff, you did bring up how some players lost more than they should have. I didn’t experience this myself, but I sincerely hope that issue was taken care of. Again, it would have been better as its own topic.

Now, about the paragraph you wrote on THIS post. So many things are just blatantly wrong.

  • Yes, there is clearly freedom of speech

  • There is no preferential treatment of players. I saw a Community Star write “I will gladly challenge you [in PVP] any time” and that got flagged (it might have been off-topic but it didn’t seem aggressive to me at all. It wasn’t towards me, btw).

  • It was literally called “HH Appreciation Post”. Of course there’s going to be praise for the Devs, that’s where praise is expected to go. That doesn’t mean you have to constantly praise them everywhere else.

  • Where is your proof that the entirety of the forums is based on lies?

  • “Speak the truth and you get banned” again, you were off-topic and attacking others. The Developers, specifically.

  • Continuing to ask for Omni and Huginn to come back is not going to magically make everything better, and it can be seen as disrespectful to the Devs that are still here.

  • Who is this “thick (blank)” you speak of?

  • “The reason why everyone is dropping this game” Do you actually have the stats for that? Genuinely curious.

  • That mirror insult of yours? I hope you don’t actually think that any criticism or even SLIGHTLY negative responses you might receive are just that and nothing more. Not everything will be responded to positively, that’s just how life is.

  • You aren’t the first and you certainly won’t be the last person to say this game is dead or dying.

  • “Thickest friend” Are you trying to call someone fat? That’s just immature.

I also thought about addressing your comments from the Appreciation Post, but I would just be repeating myself.

Bottom line: there is a HUGE misunderstanding and you are blowing things WAY out of proportion. Please read the FAQ. I don’t want you permabanned (maybe just suspended), but it seems you’ve dug your own grave already. And if you’re curious about real tyranny, feel free to find an article or documentary about life in Syria or North Korea.