To the devs

I think devs of HH are the best devs bcz they are listening to the community while other developers in other games thr players even dont know them or who are the devs personally i think HH devs are the best thank you for listening to us and answering our problems


I also appreciate the positivity where it’s needed. Yes, there are issues, and some issues get fixed while others go unmended. I guess when you have in-game priorities, you can’t snap your fingers and make all the other little problems go away at that moment.


I agree. They’re not thanos

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Beware because speaking here in a positive tone about the game makes the players furious for some reason .its like “agree with the negative or else you don’t belong here”. But i agree without you, game is amazing and devs are amazing and the community could be amazing

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Yes, nine months later…and not directed at the original poster, just in general.

I think there is one point of truth about the developers of this game that everyone should keep in mind and think about before posting some scathing comment, or any comment for that matter regarding the workings of the game. And I speak from experience as I am just as guilty as any.

Truth: The developers are in this business, and created this game, to make money.

Sounds like I’m about to roast em right? No. It’s actually a good thing to say the developers are in this for the money because you don’t make money by providing poor product. On that same note, however, you also don’t make money by giving your product away.

Knowing this, I have every confidence that this game functions as well as the developers can make it work at any given moment. Also, this game IS free. There is nothing in this game that you must pay for which is kinda crazy because you can’t make money that way, right? Well, the fact that money is indeed being made tells me that the product is good enough that people are willing to pay for what is free, and that’s pretty incredible. Kinda like bottled water……

Now you’re gonna say “yeah, it’s free, but to keep up with everyone else you have to pay” right? wrong, my alliance commander is VIP0 yet he leads a top alliance, develops his characters just fine, gets the new heroes, etc. etc. He is not paying to win and yet he wins with the best of them.

So, if there ever comes a time when we can stop bashing the developers and start factually and methodically listing game glitches, hiccups, and other oddities so they can be worked on, we could see speedier improvements. Everything that is posted that the developers have to defend, or moderate, or whatever, only serves to take time away from focusing on game development.


Spoken like an orator, excellent sentiment @Darrell_Goodrich.