Farewell from your friendly ghost

Hey there guys, a bit of an update as some of you may already know I am quitting the game and won’t be around much anymore. For some I am sure you will be happy to hear that and for others I guess not, I don’t wish to make this a negative post about the game or it changing etc but these are my reasons for leaving after 3 years.

The lack of transparency with what is actually going on is the main one honestly, the game is riddled with bugs which I know they are working on, but these problems are becoming more common and more annoying hence war not working on a Monday or bounty not showing the correct numbers or connection problems. We don’t know something is not going to work because we are not informed until things are going bad and complaints start. That is a personal gripe I have as I know other games have and can simply make blog posts informing about this stuff, this forum is here and should be utilised better.

The game has also sadly become pay to win, a lot has changed over the last few months and not all of it for the better. The way events are played are a direct result of the modes not adapting for the years since they have been introduced, not a major problem but it gets repetitive and people can’t be bothered anymore. Alongside little things like events not having extreme mode in them for blitz, things that should have been long solved by now but have not, sadly that applied to many aspects of the game which has fallen on deaf ears. Or at least it appears to have as we are not informed when things are fixed, if feedback is actually heard etc. @MasterofDisaster i like especially as he has always been upfront about this stuff, and that can be seen on the recent feedback post where his one comment with positivity received over 20 likes in 24 hours. If that doesn’t show there’s a need for more information then I don’t know what does, but I have now said my piece.

Regarding the things I run.

The server is an official server and is property of HHG now, I will remain admin on the server and will still be there if people want to talk. However I am no longer actively playing the game as much so my knowledge on events and such may dwindle in time.

The wiki and extreme guide.
This is currently locked and only me and admins can edit some pages, this will be changing and I will make a further post later explaining how the wiki works and how people can add to the guide with teams and videos they have.

Finally I want to say a thanks to all of you who have been friends with me over the years, my friends from Tubesteaks, EXTAC and recently Wolves. You guys are amazing and it is sad to see some of you quit, now it is my turn. This post is not meant to be making a big thing of quitting but more over informing that I will no longer be working on the wiki, guides and will not be in discord as much anymore. The extreme guide now falls to you guys to keep updated and working, I have laid the foundation and format, now all you have to do is add to it and help one another.

If I have done anything for this community, I hope I have made it a better place with more people working together. Thank you.


It’s really sad to see you go. Especially considering how much you’ve helped me. And others grow. I hope this message raises some attention as not having you in our community is a great loss. May things turn for the better soon and we hopefully see your return soon!:white_heart:


It’s sad that you are leaving.

Really liked your extreme guides, and your knowledge on this game and your presence of helping newer players and those who have questions in this forum and discord.

I agree on your reasons about your abandonment from this game.

The game has lived long enough, attracted many players over 4 years and new heroes, changes being added along the way.

Back in earlier days any discovered bugs and exploits wouldve been fixed with announcements, but seeing content development and management of this game has hit pretty low, it feels like the game is more than a dead game.

I like the TPS genre, the fun this game delivers and “interactivity” between devs and players like others. It is also disappointing in my perspective of the current state of the game.

I’ll remember the good achievements and friendship we made along the way, and thank you for being here Ghastly.


It’s been a pleasure playing alongside you. You have done more for this game than any other player
and some devs.
Unfortunatelyy your sentiments are shared among most top players in the game. Perhaps your departure will help fuel change but…we’ll see about that.
Enjoy your newly found free time.


Sorry to see you go bro. We had some good times. The amount of work and attention you gave to this game will be remembered. Your legacy lives on. Lol best of luck in whatever you do next. Its been a pleasure. :slight_smile:

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Sad to see u go, I’m sure many others will leave soon also. Goodluck to ya!

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Sorry to hear your leaving.you put alot into this game for its players. Thank you!

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Ghastly -

  • a pillar in the community
  • a good leader, and friend
  • a guide for all extreme
  • a teacher for new comers
  • a ghost

From one Hunter of the Year to the next, I want you to know I am thankful for all your efforts you put into your guides, and your moderation all over HH. I think I speak for most of the HH Community, when I say that we are grateful for your contributions here. I wish you good luck in your future endeavors.


Really sorry to see you go. Thank you for all you’ve done, wishing you all the best in life. Hope to see you pop back here from time to time :slight_smile:


Farewell old champ, it’s been good playing the game with ya. Don’t be gone from the discord too much. :upside_down_face::+1:

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Farewell Ghastly, you will be missed.

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Hi Gale. I am very grateful for your professional help. Without your super videos and the professional construction of the media libraries, many in the German community would not have come so far in the game and possibly despaired earlier. My deep bow to the effort you have invested! I agree with you in very many points and I have the concern that HHG unfortunately does not listen or understand and accepts that players drop out according to the principle, it will already come new players. Frustration instead of desire I also know too well and I understand you completely! So many good players have already quit - that’s a shame. Thank you and only the best wishes to you!

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Farewell Gale, you have done so much for the community, from arranging discord tournaments to game guides, a well deserved rest for you!

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You’ll be back I think this is the 3rd time you’ve quit lol


Yeah, I’m a little confused since I thought he quit already. Last I saw, his name had “retired” in it and that was months ago in VIP. I think some people just say they’re quitting but it’s actually just another way of saying they’re going to play casually, and will still continue to log in daily and grind for characters and skins every month.

If it’s serious this time, then this is the biggest loss to the community since Godlante quit. Can’t blame anyone for quitting when the players continue to grow in power with a game that doesn’t grow with them.


Sad to see u leave ghost uve helped a lot of players on here an have done more for the hh community than most devs have… I’ve said it for years devs don’t care abt players here an with one of their very own best admins for the game quitting is the biggest hint game isn’t gonna get any better since devs that run it won’t even listen to u in how to fix it. So long man I’ll see u around on discord for sure I’m gonna bug U from time to time as to see another og player of hh leave… RIP HH….


Previously I have gone on breaks and come back but this time I am done, for the reasons stated above I am not playing anymore and this post is my farewell to everyone I played with. Thank you for the support and kind words everyone, it really does mean a lot to see everyone come and say goodbye :purple_heart:


Good for you, I know you have been feeling this way for awhile and I am sure a lot of level 100’s feel this way…

I honestly feel like a lot of people reached the top too fast and the game seems more geared towards new players or mid range casual players. This game isn’t geared for those that grind till the end then want more or pay to get to the top then are bored. None of these might be your issue but I can see why this is for a lot of people.

Anyway wish you the best in everything you do going forward, thank you from everyone that has nice things and for those too stubborn to say it but instead lash out with unkind words. Have a wonderful life outside of HH.



Honestly this is such a big deal it should go in the game news section. It’ll be a big loss to the community when you go. May the odds be evee in your favor


Dang it man… If not for your wiki extreme guides and YouTube extreme videos, I’d still be in district 1!

The amount of time and effort you’ve put into this game is unreal. Players and devs took that for granted. You will be missed.